Call numbers: Examples

An overview of the call numbers and classification schemes you might encounter at the Marriott Library and where to find them.

LC examples

BS185 1934 .N4

BS192.2 .A1 1964 G3 v.36

DF951 .K35 T67 1977

G3701 .H1 s100 .U5 N4430-W106 2006

G7500 1960z .B4

KFW117 .I84 1981

PQ9698.422 .I73 S5613 2010

PR9 .K59

Z44 .B3

ZA4201 .A25 2000b

Dewey examples

001 C734r

372.412 A113wha

823.914 R8842hac C4ma

998 Y787in

NLM examples

QV 4 B311 1997

WY 11 AA1 F5 1991

SuDocs examples

A 13.2:T 73/4

HE 20.4002:AD9/5

L 36.202:F 15/2/980

Y 4.EC 7:S.HRG.110-646

UN examples




ST/LIB/SER.B/5/Rev. 5


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