Call numbers: Locations

An overview of the call numbers and classification schemes you might encounter at the Marriott Library and where to find them.

Circulating collections

The portions of the collection that patrons are able to access without assistance are found on levels 1, 2 and 3.  Listed below are the Alma location code, the USearch display generated by that code, and the classification scheme(s) used in that location.

Level 1:

MBROW = LVL 1 Classroom Hall: Browsing Collection [LC]

MSCI = LVL 1: General Collection [LC]

GSDOC = LVL 1: Government Documents [SuDocs]

MMAPR = LVL 1: Map Reference [LC]

MMAP = LVL 1: Maps [LC, SuDocs, UN and Dewey]

MMAPO = LVL 1: Maps Oversize [LC]

MMID = LVL 1: Middle East Collection [LC]

MMIRF = LVL 1: Middle East Reference [LC]

GNDOC = LVL 1: UN Documents [UN]

Level 2:

GMDOC = LVL 2: Documents Microforms [SuDocs]

MGENC = LVL 2: General Collection [LC]

FIMLC = LVL 2: Materials Collection [other]

MMCFC = LVL 2: Microfiche [LC, SuDocs and other]

MMCRF = LVL 2: Microforms Reference [LC]

MOVER = LVL 2: Oversize Collection [LC, Dewey and SuDocs]

CMREF = LVL 2: Ready Reference Knowledge Commons [LC]

Level 3:

MJUV = LVL 3: Juvenile Collection [Dewey]

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