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Red Butte Creek: Research & Reporting

Research Guide for the University of Utah's riparian corridor.

Research Strategy

  • Use local Utah-based news media for reporting about Red Butte Creek
  • Marriott Library databases are useful to find scientific research articles, dissertations and theses
  • Advocacy groups keep track of issues that affect the Jordan River Watershed. 

Local Utah News Media

Research Databases

RESEARCH TIP: If you hit a paywall, request what you need via Interlibrary Loan.

Dissertations and Research

Advocacy Groups

Journal Articles (examples)

Kim, Wona, and Jennifer Weidhaas. "Investigation of Contaminants In Stormwater Entering Red Butte Creek from University of Utah." RANGE: Undergraduate Research Journal (2023) (2023).

Andersen, Matthew E., Christopher J. Keleher, Joshua E. Rasmussen, Eriek S. Hansen, Paul D. Thompson, David W. Speas, M. Douglas Routledge, and Trina N. Hedrick. "Status of June sucker in Utah Lake and refuges." In American Fisheries Society Symposium, vol. 53, pp. 39-58. 2007.

Cottam, Walter P., and Frederick R. Evans. "A comparative study of the vegetation of grazed and ungrazed canyons of the Wasatch Range, Utah." Ecology 26, no. 2 (1945): 171-181.

Dawson, Todd E., and James R. Ehleringer. "Streamside trees that do not use stream water." Nature 350, no. 6316 (1991): 335.



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