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An introduction to using newspapers for research

Selected Newspaper Search Engines

Newspaper articles may be:

  • In library databases
  • On the Internet
  • On microfilm
  • Printed on paper
  • Requested via Interlibrary Loan

A variety of daily papers are free to Students from the Collegiate Readership Program boxes located on campus.

Why Use Newspapers?

Newspapers have unique qualities that make them a great source to find:

  • In-depth coverage of a particular country, state or city
  • Reporting on activities of state and local government
  • Obituaries and other genealogical information
  • Eyewitness accounts of events
  • Editorial analysis of news and events
  • Up-to-date coverage of breaking news
  • Historic research in news archives

Why use Newspaper databases?

Most newspapers have websites with news and historical archives. However, the Marriott Library subscribes to a number of newspaper databases that offer advantages over searching newspapers directly on the Web:

  • Search more than one newspaper at the same time
  • Powerful keyword search engines
  • Deep historic news archives
  • Access to content that costs money on the Web
  • Find newspapers from a specific region or country

Here is a list of Marriott Library newspaper databases.

Why use newspaper websites?

Be aware that newspaper websites sometimes have content that is not in subscription databases

  • Breaking news stories
  • Extra content such as blogs, info-graphics, videos, etc.
  • Access to newspapers that aren't in Marriott Library databases.


These articles describe the role of newspapers in the information cycle.

How People Learn About Their Local Communities

Newspapers play a much bigger role in people’s lives than many may realize. Newspapers (both the print and online versions, though primarily print) rank first or tie for first as the source people rely on most for 11 of the 16 different kinds of local information asked about—more topics than any other media source.

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