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Test Prep & College Rankings

GRE Prep- Graduate Record Examinations

GMAT Prep- Graduate Management Admission

MAT Prep- Management Aptitude Test

A note on how to prepare for a test

Note: The only "official" test preparation materials are those produced by the testing company.

The resources on this page and on the attached pages represent a small sample of the many books and online test preparation resources available through the Library. To find other test preparation materials at the library, a good strategy is to search for the name of the test you are interested in along with a term like "examinations" or "study guides" in the library catalog. For example, a keyword search for "GRE and study guides" will find many useful materials.

Sample subject headings for test preparation materials in the library catalog include, "Nursing -- Examinations, questions, etc." or "Vocabulary tests -- Study guides." Once you've found one good book for your needs, try clicking on the subject headings to find more resources on a particular topic.

Finding Test Prep Materials in the Library Catalog

The University of Utah has long been the leader in Test Preparation. For more than two decades, its comprehensive, hands-on courses have helped students excel on their admittance exams. For information about the preparation and class check out Test Preparation page of Continuing Education website of University of Utah.

If you already knew the title of a particular test prep book you want, the easiest way to find it is to enter the title in the search box on the library homepage. If you don't know the title or don't have a specific one in mind, the best option is to go to the library homepage, click on the Advanced Search option, choose subject heading, and then search for the title of the examination and the suffix --study guides. For example, click on the links below to see the materials we have for the following tests.

Graduate Record Examination--Study Guides

Law School Admission Test--Study Guides

Graduate Management Admission Test--Study Guides

If you cannot find the title of a specific test, try searching for the subject --Examinations. For example: 

Accounting -- Examinations, questions, etc

Nursing -- Examinations, questions, etc.

Test prep classes in University of Utah

Useful links for test resources and test preparation

1. Free Online Practice Tests

2. Test Preparation Tips These are proven strategies that have helped many students improve test scores and prepare more effectively for exams.

3. General test preparation  This Website good advice for how to prepare for test.

4. ETS Website  ETS covers many tests including GRE®, HiSET®, PRAXIS®, TOFEL® and TOEIC®.

5. ETS TestLink: World's Largest Test Collection Database. A collection of over 20,000 tests and other measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present. Some tests have been published in journals or books and are available in the Marriott Library or through Interlibrary Loan, but others are only available by purchase or a $25 download fee.

If you are looking for a test instrument, you can check out Alfred's guide

When you want to search for test instruments, please note to the following information:

  • Some tests are free. Some must be purchased from the copyright holder (usually the author or publisher).
  • Some tests are easily found.
  • You may have to pay for it. .
  • Some instruments may be found within a journal article, dissertation, or an appendix of journal article or dissertation.
  • Resources may give descriptive information about the instrument, including author or publisher contact information, as well as a review of the test, but not the instrument itself.
  • Even author or publisher contact information may be elusive.
  • Finding a Test Instrument often requires searching several sources.

To find this and other information with details you can check out Alfred's guide titled as Finding Test Instruments (Health, Education, & Psychology).

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