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For this assignment, you will conduct an analysis of a cookbook of your choice. It is intended to give you the opportunity to delve deeper into the social, historical, and political circumstances that shape or that are reflected in “ordinary” publications. 

Please do not limit your search to the University of Utah library; you may want to ask friends and family members about cookbooks they have. You may also want to visit the Salt Lake City public library. You may not use any of the cookbooks discussed in the readings. The final paper should be between 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, in a 12-point font.

Cookbook Analysis Assignment


I. Introduction

Introduce your cookbook. Who is the author? What do we know about the author? When was it written? What type of cuisine is covered? Remember to include a thesis that presents your unique take on this cookbook.

II. Description

What is the tone of the author’s voice? Are there images? If so, describe. What are the major themes? Who is the intended audience? What is the purpose of this particular cookbook? What ingredients, forms of measurement, technology, utensils, and techniques are called for in the recipes? What might they tell us about the assumed cooking ability and class status of the intended reader? 

II. Analysis

Describe any explicit claims made by the author. What assumptions are being made about the audience? What assumptions are being made about the cuisine? What assumptions are being made about the people who normally eat that type of cuisine? What names are they using for the dishes (i.e. are they innovative, are they “classic”)? Does the author provide information about their qualifications? If yes, what do they say? What about the time period of publication might be relevant to claims, themes, recipes, or ingredients? 

III. Discussion

Relate your findings to at least twoof the course readings. How do your findings align with or depart from issues raised in these readings? What would the authors say about your cookbook? What does this cookbook tell us about gender, race, and/or class? 

IV. Conclusion

Summarize your findings. What stood out the most? 

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