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Where to publish: Tools and Tips for selecting a journal to submit your research manuscript

Questions to consider:

  • Who is your audience?
  • How discoverable is the journal? Where is the journal indexed?  
  • Will you retain your copyrights as author?
  • Open Access vs traditional publishing model?

Tools to help select a journal:

Find information about journals:

Author instructions: 

  • Find author instructions for specific journal on the publisher's website.
  • Use journal or serial directories listed above to find journal/publisher websites.

Journal Metrics:

  • Journal Citation Reports (Web of Knowledge)
    • Help for Journal Citation Reports
  • Scopus Compare Journals
    • Help for compare sources in Scopus
  • Scopus CiteScore metrics for serials
    • Tutorial on Sources (CiteScore metrics) in Scopus
    • "CiteScore metrics from Scopus are comprehensive, transparent, current and free metrics for serial titles in Scopus. Search or browse … to find a source and see associated metrics."

Author Citation Metrics:

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