Evidence Synthesis Review Service

Evidence Synthesis Review Service

The University of Utah Libraries help with systematic, scoping, rapid, and other review methodologies for UU students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff. See below for information on working with a librarian on your review.



About the Service

  • Systematic and other Evidence Review services are limited to UU students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff. Note: In general, Gold level services (see below) are not available for class projects or assignments.
  • There are no fees charged for systematic review services.
  • To receive proper attention, evidence review requests should be received well ahead of any proposed deadline.
  • High quality, exhaustive literature searches take 1-3 months on average to develop. 



Levels of Service



The Library will provide an initial consultation to determine the feasibility of the proposed review, given the topic of interest, specificity of the question, research team manpower, and timeline. The steps involved in performing a systematic review and alternative types of reviews can also be discussed.  A librarian-conducted scoping search for systematic reviews on the topic under consideration in MEDLINE and PROSPERO can also be performed.


The Library will provide an “information expert opinion” consultation for researchers with database familiarity who have performed initial searches.  The librarian  will provide feedback regarding the completeness, accuracy, and appropriateness of strategies, terminology, and database selection. A formal acknowledgement in any article or presentation originating from the systematic review may be negotiated.


The Library will provide full support for the evidence synthesis review to include any or all of the responsibilities listed in the MOU. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying relevant databases, selecting appropriate terminology, formulating and documenting search strategies, managing citations, and writing the methods section. Co-authorship status would be expected and librarians need 1-3 months to complete high quality comprehensive searches.


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