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LEAP: Technology & Waste

Welcome to the library!

Raghu, R. and Magnum Photos (2006). City center shopping mall in
Salt Lake City, Calcutta, India.
 Retrieved from

‚ÄčHow on earth did I cite this!?  You can get
training and help for citation tools from the library:
     End Note (basic and the full versions): Lorelei Rutledge 
     Zotero: Rebecca Cummings  Dale's Video Overview!
     NoodleTools: Darby Fanning

When someone tells a story, it is usually presented in terms where you can quickly understand what's important, what matters -even what is real.  In scholarly & academic writing, the evidence is usually presented in a way where it is up to us to become partners in the conversation and negotiate those things together.  How can we do that?

OBJECTIVES for library class 1:
Students will learn what the role of the librarian has in this class and how academic libraries work today.  Students will learn what is an academic/scholarly source (and why that's important to the final assignment in this class). Lastly, students will learn how to sift through existing scholarship to figure out the answers to those big questions; what matters, what's important and what's real.

What is information literacy and how do we measure it? 
"Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning." 

DMUELLER. (2015, February 9). Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education [Text]. Retrieved September 16, 2019, from Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) website:


How can I get a hold of my librarian (and what do I say)? 
There are librarians working with all disciplines and fields of study on campus, but how can I reach out if I'm not sure of my specific problem? Here's a few intro/starters and the librarian will take it from there:
Hi! I have an assignment in (subject/name of class), can you show me places to start my research?
Hi! I'm starting my degree in (college/department), can you show me what I should know about the library?

Also, reach out to me for help in finding someone in your field of interest at (I know everyone!)

Starting Points for this class 
The Library Catalog (advanced search is best for detailed work)
database: Academic Search Ultimate (search the meta-data, not necessarily for articles)


Marriott Library Eccles Library Quinney Law Library