This guide will give you an overview of the citation manager Zotero


Folder Icon

An easy way to visually organize your references is to create folders and subfolders. To add a folder, click the manila folder icon under the File menu and name it. That easy! You can also create folders with that folder by dragging and dropping folders into it.



Zotero has a tagging feature where you can further categorize and label your items. Frequently, Zotero will automatically add tags based on the subject terms of the reference.

Assign Color

You can also assign colors to tags!

Add Tags

To add tags to a reference, select the reference and click the Tags tab.

Related Items


Zotero allows you to relate your references to each other. This is useful when synthesizing in your analysis.

Add Related Items

To relate items, select your reference and slick the Related tab. A box will pop up where you can select references.

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