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Help with research for the Utah Communication History Encyclopedia

Ab Jenkins & The Mormon Meteor. 1931. George Albert Smith Collection, 
University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library, Special Collections, 
Multimedia Archive, P0036.

Researching history can be a ton of fun -but I recommend you ask for a lot of help along the way.  Libraries can offer many different ways of getting into primary and secondary sources, but we are in that remarkable bridge era between published print things (like books) and born digital or digitized objects: which can be confusing.  Don't give up, I'm here to help!

While my info is in the column on the right (Dale Larsen) -please contact me; I also recommend working with Special Collections librarian, Alison Conner at or 801-581-3886

Secondary Sources Recommended Starting Points

Marriott Library Catalog
perform a keyword search -then sort by "books"
suggested keyword search (cut and paste and customize to your search)
"university of utah" AND X
utah AND X
history AND X
"university of utah" AND history  -there are quite a few books on this topic alone that are worth looking for.

Utah Historical Quarterly  | Dale's Quick Tips on How to Search UHQ 
Western Historical Quarterly also in JSTOR 
NOTE: the two journals listed above are indexed in: America: History & Life 

University of Utah Daily Chronicle in the Utah Digital Newspapers site.  Also note: there's a genuine card catalog for the Chronicle up in Special Collections on the 4th floor! Go dig around and ask for help -this is a fantastic hidden resource!
Utonian (University of Utah Yearbooks) -complete run up in Special Collections -did something happen in the year you're writing about -go look and see what they said in the yearbook!

RECOMMENDED DATABASES TO SEARCH (for these resources, intentionally include location keywords like Utah or "University of Utah")
Hathi Trust (millions of ebooks, full text searchable)  
JSTOR (greatest hits of academic scholarly publishing -including history.)
Utah Digital Newspapers (historic Utah papers)
ProQuest Newsstand (Utah papers (and many other U.S. papers))
America: History & Life 
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective (up through 1984 -worth a quick look)


Utah Historical Quarterly: How to Use

Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary Source:
First hand experience (they were there at the event/time/place)
interviews, account, actual writing (like a diary), photographs, video, etc.

Secondary Source:
Second hand experience -they weren't there, but are;
describing, discussing, interpreting, analyzing, evaluating, summarizing the experience of someone at the event/time/place/etc.

Want to see some samples?
Utah Communication History Encyclopedia

Index to the U Chronicle Newspaper

Did you know that there is a well developed index for the University of Utah Chronicle that you can use for your research?  On the 4th floor of the Marriott Library, in the Special Collections room -look for this card catalog (in photo) -and make sure to ask for help from the reference desk: tell them what you're looking for and they'll get you started.

Citation Help

Citation Styles gettin' you down?  Here's my top picks for 'Citation Management':

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EndNote Basic
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Subject Guide

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