Art Appraisal: Utah Conservators

A guide to appraising works of art in Utah.

Conservators & Restoration

Below you find a selection of individuals in Utah that offer conservation and restoration services. The following selection of conservators and restorers is by no means a complete list of everything available in the state of Utah. These listings are in no particular order. The Marriott Library does not endorse any of these individuals or their services. They are provided here for information purposes only.

Master Art Restore


Elizabeth Provost, owner and master conservator of Utah Painting Restoration has 35 years experience, restoring oil paintings and murals since 1969. Offering complete restoration services for Murals, Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Watercolors, Preliminary Estimates, Damage Reports, Documentation,and Frame restoration. You can view some of her work in various locations including the Salt Lake City School District which is currently honoring several pieces at the Alta Club through August 2004, Salt Lake County, the Springville Museum of Fine Art, the Utah State Capitol, the LDS Church Museum, and the Governors Mansion, there are currently paintings at Williams Fine Art on display.

Pleae contact ElizabethProvost at her Office: 1007 East 900 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84105 Phone: 801-521-7902

Timeless Textiles

All of Timeless Textiles' services fit under preservation or exhibition; however, services can be broken down into more specific categories. They are: conservation, preservation, exhibition and research.

Timeless Textiles works with any textile. Textiles include anything made from fabrics (clothing, hats, embroideries, batiks, accessories, etc.), non-woven's (tapa cloth, feather pieces- such as wreaths, capes or masks, etc.), baskets, mats, or fur.

Pleae contact Jennifer Hadley at Phone: 801-864-0323 Email:

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