Newspapers as a research tool

An introduction to using newspapers for research

Databases for U.S. Newspapers

New York Times

The New York Times, founded in 1851, is regarded as a national newspaper of record.

You can get the New York Times in print, from searchable databases and on microfilm.

  • The New York Times is online at
  • U-card holders can get the New York Times free from Campus Readership Program boxes on camps
  • Print copies from the past year are at the Marriott Library Reserve Desk, Level 2.
  • Use Lexis-Nexis Academic or ProQuest Newsdatabases for searchable archives
  • The News York Times Historical database has full-text articles (1851-2006)

How can I see an image of the front page for the New York Times?

  • Use the New York Times Historical database
  • Click on the Publications tab in order to browse by specific issues
  • Sort results by page number
  • Click on Page Map to see an image of the page

For dates that are not on New York Times Historical, use the microfilm to see the complete paper including advertisements, photos and graphics.

How can I print an image of the front page for the New York Times?

  1. Use the New York Times Historical database
  2. Click on the title of the article you want to print
  3. You will see the document within Adobe Reader
  4. "Click the ProQuest Print link (not the print button within Acrobat). You'll find the ProQuest Print link above the title of your document, next to the Email link.
  5. The window will change to show you a formatted for print version of the document and the Print dialog box will open
  6. Check the Shrink Oversized Pages to Paper Size option on the Print dialog box. (Note: Your Print Dialog box may use a Page Scaling pop-up menu. Click on this menu and select Shrink large pages.)
  7. Click OK."--Proquest Help 

What other ways can I use the New York Times for teaching and Learning?

Wall Street Journal

 A major U.S. paper that covers U.S. and international business and financial news

The Wall Street Journal costs money to use online.  Do I have to pay?

  • Print copies from the past month are available at the Marriott Library Reserve Desk, Level 2
  • The ProQuest Newspaper database subscription has a full-text searchable archive for the Wall Street Journal.
  • The Wall Street Journal Historicaldatabase subscription has a searchable archive for older editions.

Other U.S. Newspapers

How can I find newspapers from a certain state or city?

Use the NewsBank database subscription

  • Select North America >United States >[state]
  • Newspapers are listed by city.



Use the Lexis Nexis Academic database subscription

  • Select the Sources tab
  • Click on Browse Sources
  • Filter by: United States ; [state] in the drop down box
  • Click on the link that says News


Use 50  to find websites for local newspapers.

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