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Radio Collections

A0051 Milton Roswell Trenam & Milton Edwin Trenam

The collection includes a transcription disc radio broadcast of the Grand Valley Holing Through Ceremony April 27, 1950

A0060 Everett Cooley Oral History Project

Several hundred interviews, including some with players in Utah radio history like Eastern Utah Broadcasting's Thomas Anderson.  See the Mansucripts finding aid for a list of interviewees.  The Manuscripts division holds transcripts of these oral histories.

A0124 William R. Palmer

KSUB Cedar City's Forgotten Chapters of History with William Palmer 1951-1955

A0146 Frank E. Moss

Radio recording of Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall and Senator Frank Moss at Lake Powell

A0147 Theater Radio

Radio plays and promos featuring Utah born actress Leora Thatcher (1894-1984)

A0189 Jack Paige

ABC radio broadcaster Paul Harvey's radio birthday to Paige in 1983

A0195 KRSP Free Speech Series

Radion interviews on local issues 1984-1986.

A0253 KSUB Radio

257 phonodiscs of commercial syndicated programs and music aired on KSUB Cedar City in the Mid 20th Century.  Dramatic series include "The Adventures of Frank Race," "Frontier Town," "Riders of the Purple Sage" and "The Lives of Harry Lime" with Orson Wells

A0254 Alvin G. and Lena M. Pack

101 Utah and LDS related phonodiscs including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' radio drama "The Fullness of Time," "Famous Furniture Stories" and broadcast recordings by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

A0255 Roscoe A. Grover

Discs and reel to reel tapes from early Utah radio and television personality Roscoe Grover including music and sound recordings from different countries, Sunday night LDS radio shows and a recording of President Lyndon Johnson addressing the United Nations

A0282 First Unitarian Church

Radio addresses sponsored by the First Unitarian Church

A0322 Ballet West

"State of the Arts" radio programs and Ballet West promos.

A0331 Steve Lacey

We, the Abbots and addressess by Royal Garff and Governor Herbert Maw

A0336 Cold Fusion

Radio and television coverage of cold fusion research at the University of Utah 1989-1991

A0350 ACLU of Utah

Radio spot announcing the ACLU's celebration of the bicentennial of the Constitution, KSL radio interview with John K. Morris

A0374 Dan Bammes

 Recording of Bammes' news program, The Wasatch Gazzette, which aired on Salt Lake City's K-Bull Radio.

A0418 Jan H. Brunvand

Calls recieved in the hour following Jan Brunvand's interview on Urban Legends on KTRH Houston April 13, 1980

A0482 Dresser Dahlstead

Utah native Dresser Dahlstead talks about his career in radio and television from KLO Ogden to San Francisco, NBC and Armed Forces Radio

A0565 Eugene Whitaker

Audio recording of the story of the Deseret News and and KZN (now KSL) radio, Utah's first radio station

A0885 David O. McKay

LDS Church President David O. McKay's funeral broadcast on KALL-KQMU Radio

A0917 Keith B. Farr

Historic radio programs (1940s-2000s) and radio history retrospectives from Utah, California and the United States at large.  Recordings include:


1940s Documentary with KSFO's John Gilliand (cd)

1940s-1950s Commercials (cd)

1950s Standards and Showtunes with Keith Farr (cd)

1950s Utah Radio & Television  (cd)

1950s Vocal Groups  Retrospective (cd)

1953-1961 Radio History with Keith Farr (cd)

1975-1980 Salt Lake City Airchecks & Jingles (cd)


Abbott and Costello (tape)


Bay Area Early Broadcasting with Ken Ackerman and Ed Brady (cd)

Bergen and McCarthy (tape)

The Best of World Jazz with Ken Nordine (cd)

The Bickersons (tape)

Building Your Mega Speaking Empire

Burns & Allen (tape)


California Radio History with Keith Farr: 1941, 1968   (cd)

CBS News: Pearl Harbor Attack 12/07/1941 (tape)

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas (tape)


Dragnet (tape)

Dynamics of Personal Motivation by Paul J. Meyer (tape)


Earl Nightengale Financial Programs (tape)

The Elvis Tapes (cd)


Fibber McGee and Molly (tape)

First Baptist Films: Norman Shum


The Great Gildersleeve (cd)


Historic Lodi: Pearl Harbor 1941  (cd)

The History of Early Radio Broadcasting with Keith Farr (cd)



Jack Benny (tape)

Jay Arnold's Goldvine 2005 (cd)


KEWB 91 Oakland with Ron Reynolds 1965 (cd)

KLO Ogden with Len Allen (cd)

KLUB 570 with Lisa Farr Rigley: Botanical Garden Show 1991 (cd)

KRE 1400 Berkeley Tour (cd)

KSFO Man on the Street, Gary Owens 1973  (cd)

KSL Utah Announcers Tribute (cd)

KTRB San Francisco Historic Airchecks (cd)                                                                         Al Collins, Don Sherwood, Rolfe Peterson, Dr. Dan, The Quake

KWIN with Don Roberts: Bob Conrad (cd)

KWIN Breakfast Club  1988-1989 (cd)

KXKX Airchecks with Mike Metcalf  (cd)


Laffter and Profane with Pat Buttram and Bob Crane (cd)

Loose Change  (cd)



Northern California Radio Demos & Jingles (cd)


Our Miss Brooks (cd)


Predictions with Keith Farr 1978-2005  (cd)

Put It Where the Sun Don't Shine by Rick Dees (cd)



The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (tape)




Utah Radio with Keith Farr



This Was Radio (cd)

We Interrupt This Broadcast  (cd) 



You Bet Your Life (tape)


A1042 Bill Allred

Various recordings from Allred's career as a Utah DJ, including X-96 Radio from Hell

A1044 Greg Carlisle (Utah Radio)

AM to FM:Three Decades of Radio in Utah (dvd)

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