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Amy Brunvand, MLS
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U of U Marriott Library
Digital Scholarship Lab
Office: 1705W


Block U: Sustainability
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Feb 11, 2014
A research guide for UGS 2210-001, and associated block U courses
Tags: block_u, sustainability
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Apr 23, 2014
A basic guide to Marriott Library resources that support research, teaching and learning for the School of Computing & Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Tags: computer, computers, computing, engineering
Demographic Statistics from the U.S. Census and other sources
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Dec 19, 2013
A beginners guide to finding statistics about the U.S., Utah and the U.
Tags: demographics, government_information, statistics, us_census, utah
Environmental Humanities
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Jul 2, 2014
Library and informaiton resources to support the University of Utah Environmental Humanities program.
Honors Think Tank: Wasatch Water
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Nov 15, 2013
A research guide for students researching Wasatch Mountains water issues
Tags: utah, wasatch mountains, water
Legislative Information from the U.S. Congress & Utah Legislature
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Oct 10, 2013
Be an informed citizen! Find out about federal and Utah lawmakers.
Tags: government_information, legislation, serial_set, us_congress, utah_legislature
Marriott Library Survey, 2010
by Amy Brunvand, Adriana Parker - Last Updated Aug 23, 2010
A FAQ for the LibQual+ 2010 survey
Tags: libqual, survey
Newspapers as a research tool
by Robert Behra, Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Mar 28, 2014
An introduction to using newspapers for research
Tags: alternative_press, news, newspapers, utah
SERIAL SET: Using The United States Serial Set in the Marriott Library
by Amy Brunvand, Dave Morrison - Last Updated Jul 23, 2014
A brief guide to using the U.S. Serial Set collections in the Marriott Library.
Tags: federal_government, historic documents, history
Sustainability II: The Big Ideas
by Jessica Breiman, Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Apr 28, 2014
A guide to resources that promote sustainability literacy.
Tags: intermountain west, leadership, local, planning, research, science, social policy, social science, sustainability, utah
Technical Reports
by Amy Brunvand, Dave Morrison - Last Updated Jan 29, 2014
Technical reports are reports from academic departments, government agencies and corporations that describe projects, research and activities of the organization.
Tags: government_information, science_&_engineering, technical_reports
Workshop on Text Analysis
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Apr 28, 2014
An online guide to accompany the Digital Scholarship Lab workshop on text analysis.
Tags: atlas.ti, data, tapor, textual_analysis, visualization
Workshop: Digital Scholarship Fair
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Oct 4, 2011
An online exhibit of digital scholarship at the University of Utah. This exhibit was originally created for a Digital Scholarship Fair, held Sept. 1, 2010.
Workshop: Mapping, Mashups & Google Earth
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Jan 24, 2012
A guide to accompany the Digital Scholarship Lab workshop on Mapping, Mashups & Google Earth
Tags: google_earth, google_maps, maps