Bloomberg Terminal Guide

Bloomberg provides real-time and historical pricing, indicative and fundamental data, charts and graphs on various topics, customized analytic, company and industry news, economic data, statistics, and estimates.

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Bloomberg Terminal Policy

  • Only University of Utah students, faculty and staff may reserve the Bloomberg Terminal
  • Use of this Bloomberg Terminal is for educational purposes only. Commercial use can lead to individual Bloomberg accounts being terminated. Use of this terminal for commercial purposes will result in Bloomberg terminating this service in our Library.
  • Please reserve the Bloomberg Professional Workstation before you begin your session. Otherwise, another person might reserve the terminal and you will be required to give up your seat immediately.
  • You may only reserve the terminal for one hour and only for two consecutive half hour blocks in the same day. If, after that time, another person has not reserved the terminal or arrived to use it, you may continue to use it. However, you must give up your seat immediately if someone does reserve it or have the terminal scheduled.
  • You must have an individual Bloomberg account to complete the Bloomberg Essentials (BESS) Training Program.

How to Reserve the Bloomberg Professional Workstation

  1. Go to the Marriott Library
  2. Click on the Services tab.
  3. Under "In the Library" section or column, select Schedule a Room.
  4. Login with your UNID and password.
  5. On the left side, click on the link "Go to the Online Scheduler."
  6. Bloomberg Professional Workstation is listed alphabetically under the date.


What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a financial news service founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. It provides financial news and data to financial companies and organizations in virtually every country in the world through the Bloomberg terminal,  The main function of the Bloomberg terminal  is to provide an integrated platform that streams together price data, financials, news, trading data, and  more. Use this database to obtain global financial and business information on various market sectors, including equities, indices, corporate debts, sovereign and agency securities, commodities, futures, options, hedge funds, foreign currencies, etc.

Bloomberg Terminal

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Thanks to Dr. Mohammad Mirfakhrai for creating this guide originally.

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