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Climate Hazards and Resilience (SUST 6000): Start Here

An information resource guide for SUST 6000, Spring 2021


Disaster risks associated with climate change are not only highly likely to occur, they are  likely to cause severe impacts on individuals and society.  Hazard mitigation, prepardness and communty resilience are strategies to cope with these risks.  

  • Climate Hazards are predicted by scientific research
  • Community Resilience is essential for disaster recovery
  • Government Organizations have role in hazard forcasting, mitigation and recovery
  • United Nations  has developed international frameworks for sustainability and disaster risk reduction
  • Scholarly Research can help you learn more about climate hazards and resilience

Global Risk Report 2020

WEF Global Risk Report 2020

Subject Specialist

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Amy Brunvand
U of U

Sustainability Office

Suite #50, BUC

Disaster Risk and Resilience

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