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Congressional publications numbering systems

Publications from the U.S. Congress are identified by numbers that tell you:

  • The number of the Congress
  • The publication number
  • The publication type


PL 101-366 means “The 336th Public Law passed by the 101st Congress”.

Senate Hearing 111-94 means "the 94th Senate hearing held by the 111st Congress".

H.R. 1925 means “House Resolution 1925” (but you need to know what year the bill was introduced because when the number of the congress changes all the House bills start at H.R. 1 again

A "new" Congress convenes every two years, in the January following a November congressional election. It is new in the sense that the entire House of Representatives is elected every two years, even though only about one-third of the Senate is elected biennially. Congresses have been numbered consecutively since the first Congress, which began in 1789.  Typically, each Congress meets in two annual "sessions," one in its first calendar year and another in the second calendar year. Thus, the first session of the 107th Congress occurred in 2001 and the second in 2002.

Congressional Research Service

The Congressional Research Service writes research reports at the request of members of Congress: They do not publish these reports for the public, but you can often find them on the Web.

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