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Engineering-LEAP | Dale Larsen: Literature & Narrative Works


Mexican American Art Sample

Gonzalez, Maya. The Love That Stains. 2000. Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art: Artists, Works, Culture, and Education. By Gary D. Keller, et al. Vol. 2. Tempe: Bilingual Press, 2002. 7. Print. 2 vols.

Literary Piece? What's that again? Literature (narrative story) is created and published, then people write about it and analyze it -a lot.  Book reviews, scholarly works, sociological treatises and more can all point to what the best literature for your community is.

Where to Start
Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography

Project MUSE (select "Literature" before searching here)
Literature Resource Center (LRC)
Google Scholar (note: if you find a good one, you may have to request it via Interlibrary Loan)

Marriott Library Catalog (note: literary criticism can show up as chapters in books -check tables of contents in your searches)


Reviews, Analysis and Other Places to Look
Essay and General Literature Index

Film and Television Literature Index  | Film Literature Index 

Humanities & Social Sciences Index (book reviews)

New York Review of Books 

Poetry and Short Story Reference Center 

Scribner & Twayne eBooks (this one is pretty good)

Short Story Index

ALSO (from previous classes):
ProQuest Newsstand (search "title of the book" AND review OR author)

The Library Catalog (search "title of the book" -we may have copies of the book, but there may also be links to analysis of the book)
Sociological Abstracts (search "title of the book" -this may be an analysis/review of the book, and it may be something deeper like how it reflects the community itself -good place to check!)

Biographies and Authors
Gale Literary Sources 

Literary Reference Center 


Keyword and Search Strategies

You can find more suggestions with the handy Library of Congresss Subject Headings guide -just search for your community name and then you'll see a list of many ways to describe them


Chinese, hmong, vietmamese, etc. = X


"x in america"


X americans

X families


X AND immigration OR emigration

X and "united states"

X and (poetry or literature or film or folk or stories or fiction)

X and authors

X american authors


Google; 'literature and "hmong-american" or Narrative or Story or Poetry or Film (you get the idea)
literary criticism:title of your book, story, work, etc.
book review:title of your book, story, work, etc.


How to Write About Literature
Purdue Online Writing Lab: Writing About Literature
Purdue Online Writing Lab: Writing a Literary Analysis (slide show -recommended!)
13 Essential Literary Terms (














Booksellers like Amazon can have a good selection -but also may incorporate reviews that are easy to access

Google Books is a full-text searchable discovery tool -but beware, many are protected by copyright and you'll have to track down the actual book in the library catalog


Google Books
Marriott Library Catalog


MLA Style Help
MLA Formatting and Style Guide - Online Writing Lab (Purdue) is great for samples
Library Database Recommend: NoodleTools | Guide (see the top tabs in this guide)


Finding a short story!

Ok ELEAP -are you interested in trying to find a short story for your literary piece?  This somewhat dated video can show you how to access some of the short stories (using "Short Story Index" over on the left-hand column.

1. Short Story Index - find a story you like, note the book it is in
2. Library Catalog - look up the book and go get it
3. Scan the story, send pdf to all on your team

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