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Bonneville Salt Flats Collections

A0019 Richard A. Keller III

16mm films of cars designed for racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This collection focuses on the Blue Flame, which Dick Keller helped design, and which broke the landspeed record in 1970.

A0078 LandSpeed Productions

Commercially produced 16mm films about Salt Flats racers including Mickey Thompson and Don Vesco. All films badly faded exceot Vesco feature. Collected by "LandSpeed" Louise Noeth.

A0185 Joseph Howard McGibbeny

16mm film of John Cobb and E.T. Eyston's attempt to break the land speed record.

A0276 Burton W. Musser

16mm films of Lt. Col. Goldie Gardner's 1952 land speed trials at the Salt Flats. Also includes various shots around Salt Lake City and a sports car road rally from the same year, not at the Salt Flats.

A0303 KUTV News

News features and raw footage about Speed Week and other record attempts circa 1978-1987. Includes interviews as well as footage of cars. Featuring Mickey Thompson, Don Vesco, Bob and Bill Summers, Goldenrod, etc.

A0355 Craig Wirth

Raw footage of the Salt Flats and racing shot for news features in the 1980s or 1990s. Addresses concerns about water/salt levels in the salt flats.

A0877 Paul A. Busta

VHS videocassettes, including Speed Week 1997 compilation video.

A0910 Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

VHS footage from Speed Week 1990s-early 2000s.

A10336 Athol Graham

Numerous VHS dubs of films about Speed Week and other Salt Flats events, including the aftermath of Graham's fatal 1960 crash (very low resolution). Also includes later hot-rod footage colelcted by Graham's widow, Zeldine. This collection also contains 8mm film footage of Graham's LDS mission to New Zealand in the late 1940s.

Speed Week

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