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Glen Canyon Collections

For a complete primary source bibliography of all that special collections has to offer on the Glen Canyon area - including manuscripts and photographs - please click here!

A0183 Thorn Mayes (river runner, photographer)

Color films of San Juan and lower Glen Canyon 1930s

A0197 Dr. C. Gregory Crampton (historian)

Color films of San Juan and Glen Canyons

A0239 Mike Walton (river runner)

VHS videotape of various river trips, including Bert Loper 1947, TV programs about river running 1978 and Holiday River Expeditions 1980

A0245 Norman D. Nevills (river runner)

Color films of San Juan and lower Glen Canyon 1930s-1940s

A0253 KSUB Radio (Cedar City, Utah)

Phonodisc of program about Glen Canyon Dam

A0360 Colorado Plateau Symposium

VHS videotape of symposium held at the University of Utah about the future of the Colorado Plateau April 9, 1993

A0501 Glen Canyon Institute

8mm color films of Glen Canyon 1990s

A0511 Charles Eggert (photographer and filmmaker)

Several color films of Green and Colorado Rivers from Woming to Lake Mead, including "Wilderness River Trail," which was made during the controversy over Echo Park Dam.

A0512 Arth Chaffin (ferryman and river runner)

Color film of Glen Canyon 1930s-1960s

A0513 S.J. Quinney (river runner)

16mm color film of a 1958 Grand Canyon river trip

A0525 Nancy Streator-Reuling (river runner)

VHS videotape of copies of films made during trips down the Green and Colorado Rivers with Norman Nevills 1947-1949

A0528 Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA)

16mm film of a trip through Glen Canyon and down the Colorado River 1960s

A0529 Hatch River Expeditions

VHS video copies of early river trips taken by Hatch River Expeditions 1940s-1970s

A0532 Brandy Blank

Color video of Glen Canyon before 1949

A0546 Harry Aleson (river runner)

VHS videotapes of films taken by Aleson in Glen Canyon, Grand Canyon, and other points along Colorado River 1930s-1940s

A0547 Operation Glen Canyon

VHS video documentary about the building of Glen Canyon Dam.  The film was made by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1963.

A0548 Flaming Gorge

VHS videotape of the construction of Flaming Gorge Dam

A0549 Colorado River History

VHS videotape: "Colorado River Expedition," 'Shooting Grand Canyon Rapids" (1940s-1950s) and an interview with Don and Ted Hatch (1991)

A0550 Glen Canyon Archeology

VHS dubs of films produced by the University of Utah Anthropology Department and the National Parks Service reporting the process and findings of Utah archeologist Jesse Jennings' survey and excavation of Glen Canyon and the Escalante River area prior to the building of Glen Canyon Dam and the flooding of Lake Powell.  Narrated by Jennings.  1957-1959

A0562 Aaron Ross (river runner)

16mm films of trips on the Colorado River and its tributaries 1950s-1960s

A0564 Lynn Larsen

VHS video of a talk abotu Hole-in-the-Rock Trail

A0587 Ken Smith (river runner)

Betacam copy of a film of a 1953 Glen Canyon river trip

A0606 Gus Scott (river runner)

Color film of San Juan and lower Glen Canyon 1950

A0626 Tom Chandler

Home movies of Utah including Arches National Monument, Glen Canyon, Flaming Gorge and other Colorado Plateau locations 1950s-1960s

A0641 Joseph Desloge (river runner)

16mm and 8mm color films of river trips on the Colorado, Green, San Juan and other rivers.

A0654 W.L. "Bud" Rusho (river historian, Bureau of Reclamation)

Videotapes of the construction of Glen Canyon Dam

A0692 Frederick Hoffman Wood (photographer)

Color 8mm films of E-H expedition

A0722 River Runners Oral History Project

Video oral history interviews with various river runners

A0738 Wayne McConkie (river runner, geologist)

Color 16mm films of the Colorado Plateau

A0739 Reynold Brown (river runner)

Film of a 1958 Glen Canyon trip with SOCOTWA (South Cottonwood Ward)

A0740 SOCOTWA (river running group)

Films from the LDS river running group SOCOTWA (South Cottonwood Ward) 1940s-1960s, oral history interviews from 2003

A0746 Remo Lavagnino (river runner, photographer)

Color films of river running in the Colorado Plateau area

A0938 O.L. "Brig" Tapp (filmmaker)

Amateur narrative films in outdoors settings in Utah and throughout the Intermountain West 1950s-1960s.  There are several films based on river trips, including "Glen Canyon" (1956).

A1022 Malcom "Moki Mac" Ellingson (river runner)

8mm and 16mm films of river trips on the Yampa, Green and Colorado Rivers, frequently in the Glen Canyon area 1956-1963.  This collection also includes 16mm dubs of a 35mm nitrate print of a 1914 or 1915 trip down the Colorado River.

Glen Canyon Excavation

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