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Ski Archives Montage

Utah Ski and Snowboard Archives

This list represents the audio-visual component of the Ski and Snowboard Archives.  Established in 1989, the Ski Archives consist of ski and winter sports realted manuscript, photograph and AV materials housed in the Special Collections Department of the J. Willard Marriott Library. 

Many, but not all, of the collections deal specifically with Utah ski history.  Some collections contain snowboarding material.

Ski and Snowboard Collections

A0022 William H. Levitt

Unedited footage of an oral history interview with Alta's first mayor, Bill Levitt, and his wife, Mimi. This 2007 interview was conducted for KUED's production The Alta Experience.

A0092 Karl and Vicki Jacobson

Ski home movies.

A0101 Josh Scheuerman

Snowboarding videocassettes featuring many local athletes and locations.

A0151 Rick Reese

Oral history interviews with mountaineering pioneers about their experiences climbing and skiing in the Teton Range. The collection includes material about Fred Brown, who helped form the Jackson Hole Ski Association.

A0230 Nate Millard

Snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing videos filmed in Utah and around the world. Videos range from small local productions to larger commercial enterprises.

A0323 Utah Ski Archives miscellaneous ski films

Copies of ski-related videos that do not fit in with any of the other ski collections. Subjects represented include Galande Jumping, Free skiing, the Ecker Hill ski jump death of 1932 and various ski documentaries including the 1954 film, Park City. Also included are two short fiction films, Dr. Quakenbush Skis the HeadWall (1942) and Hap Kimball's The Fox Chase (1938).

A0353 Robert Smith

Ski related 16mm films and videocassettes.

A0391 Alf Engen

Material related to Alf Engen's career as a world class skier and ski school director. The collection contains both professional and amateur footage of Alf and his family participating in ski-related activities as well as interviews with the media given by Alf over the years.

A0393 Bonnie Speyer Carluccio

Bonnie Speyer Carluccio was a prominent alpine ski racer with the Junior National Ski Association and went on to become a member of the University of Utah Women's Ski Team. This collection contains one VHS video of the Speyer Family Films. Included on this video, which was transferred from 8mm film footage, is home footage of family outings in various U.S. states as well as footage of ski jumping at Alta's Landes Jump. Also included is footage of the 1952 and 1953 Snow Cup Races and construction of Alta's Germania Lift in 1954.

A0397 Gordon and Peg Alcott

Gordon Alcott was one of the first three ski patrolmen working at Alta in the 1940s. This collection consists of one video of home movies, many of which deal with skiing.

A0402 Alan Engen

Alan Engen is a noted ski historian, ski instructor and son of world-renowned skier Alf Engen. This extensive collection contains material about the Olympic Torch Relay on May 10, 1996, the history of the Deseret News Ski School as told by Wilby Durham, Alf Egen and Sverre Engen, the professionally produced Alf: Ski Meister of the 20th Century, and numerous other items relating to ski history and the Engen family.

A0419 Jim and Dorothy Schaefer

Video copies of 16mm silent home movies dealing with skiing at Inter-mountain area resorts. The films document scenes at Alta (1940), Sun Valley, Brighton (1942), Aspen and again at Sun Valley (1950).

A0424 Bill Lash

Bill Lash was a teacher at the Solitude Ski Resort Ski School. This collection contains two 16mm films dealing with skiing. The first film deals with the Gorgoza Ski Resort Ski School and the second film is titled Ski Colorado.

A0439 Ed LaChapelle

Ed LaChapelle, who was involved in some of the early avalanche control projects undertaken at Alta and around the world, has donated a number of avalanche preparedness and ski club films to the archive.

A0468 Suzy Skinner

8mm home movies taken by Skinner, who was a resident of Alta in the 1940s.

A0517 Bernie Chisolm

Video copy of film footage of skier Bernie Chisolm skiing at Alta with Alf Engen in the 1950s.

A0520 Bob Salerno

Donated by professional skier Bob Salerno, this collection contains six commercially made ski films documenting freestyle ski competitions from the mid through the late 1970s. Ski areas shown in these films include Park City, Snowbird and Jackson Hole.

A0521 Darrell Robison

Darrell "Pinky" Robison was a professional ski racer who competed in the 1950s. This collection contains copies of the ski film, Ski Crazy.

A0522 Seeholzer Family Films

Darrell "Pinky" Robison was a professional ski racer who competed in the 1950s. This collection contains copies of the ski film, Ski Crazy.

A0523 Pat McDowell

One 8mm film about Junior Ski-Racing.

A0526 Karen Korfanta

Two 16mm films related to Junior National ski competition.

A0530 John Becker

One 8mm film of ski jumping at Snowbasin in the 1930s. The film features a double ski jump by Alf and Sverre Engen.

A0539 U.S. Women's Ski Team

A five minute long 16mm film titled Training for Winter Games.

A0540 Calmar Anderson

Video copied from original 8mm filmed home movies. Although the films deal mainly with traditional home movie material, there is some footage of ski jumping included.

A0541 Winter Olympics at Innsbruck

Two 16mm films concerning the Winter Olympics at Innsbruck, Austria: Wengen and Innsbruck.

A0542 Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee

Videos concerning Salt Lake City's formal bid for the 1998 Winter Olympics.

A0543 Processional Ski Instructors Association (PSIA)

Video copies of home movies of PSIA meetings at White Badge (1962 and 1964) and Albion Basin and the Veteran Ski Instructors Reunion in Park City, Utah. Some films feature a retrospective voiceover by PSIA members.

A0544 Utah Travel Council

Three 16mm films which deal with tourism, especially ski-related tourism, in Utah and Salt Lake City.

A0551 Leslie H. Jones

In addition to films river running in the Grand Canyon this collection features footage of veteran river guide Don Hatch skiing.

A0564 Wilburn and Jean Pickett

16mm films of downhill skiing at Alta.

A0575 John Clendenin

Freestyle ski films from 1975.

A0580 Jim Gaddis

Michael John Richards and Jim Gaddis Channel 4 appearances from 1968 and 1969.

A0584 Wasatch Mountain Club

One 8mm film titled Avalanche Movie.

A0588 J. Stewart Gardiner

While much of this collection is dedicated to J. Stewart Gardiner's travels on Utah rivers, the collection also contains various ski-related footage from Salt Lake area resorts.

A0590 Ski Utah

Films dealing with the promotion Utah's ski and winter recreation industry.

A0598 Bob Smith

A0603 Ski Affair

Recorded proceedings of the annual Ski Archives Banquet. This collection also includes material used in video presentations exhibited at the event.

A0608 Toshio Akai

Japanese skiing robot.

A0609 Jim Rossiter

Professionally made ski films.

A0612 Bob Theobald

Bob Theobold was one of the original premier freestyle ski jumpers of the late 1970s and 1980s. This collection contains material related to Utah's ski areas as well as freestyle skiing.

A0622 Suzy Harris Rytting

Suzy Harris Rytting was a member of the 1952 Olympic Team and held numerous ski racing titles during the late 1940s and 1950s. A portion of the collection documents her professional life but some home movie footage is also included.

A0623 Coors Ski Films

Footage of two ski competition events sponsored by the Coors Brewing company.

A0625 Dan and Connie Steffen

Five films about the Park City ski industry.

A0650 Stu and Greta O'Brien

Ski footage including Warren Miller ski films and broadcast coverage of the Winter Olympics.

A0655 Alton Crane Melville Family

Home movies featuring former National Ski Association (NSA) president Alton Crane Melville and his son, Olympian Marvin Melville. This collection features a great deal of ski material including Marvin Melville training and racing, as well as other family home movies.

A0656 Karen Huntoon Miller

Two competitions featuring freestyle skier Karen Miller.

A0659 Mike Korologos

Films from skier Mike Korologos, some of which deal with the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.

A0664 Park City Mountain Resort

Promotional, historical and competition material relating to the history of Park City Mountain Resort and its predecessor, Treasure Mountain.

A0675 Steinar Hybertson

Documentary about Alf Engen made by Hybertson and the Warren Miller Entertainment Group. Some of the footage in the documentary was provided by the Ski Archives.

A0678 Legends of American Skiing outtakes

Footage from Rick Moulton of John and Mary Byrd skiing at Alta in the 1930s.

A0680 Bob Autry (Park West)

Footage related to Park City's sister ski area, Park West. Park West later became Wolf Mountain and is now known as The Canyons.

A0681 Shawn Emery

Raw and finished footage of films including Greatest Snow on Earth, Summer Skiing, and Skier's Mecca.

A0682 Barbara Yamada

Various footage relating to ski history and prominent Utah skiers. The collection includes a story about Alf Engen from a national newscast.

A0685 Alan Schoenberger

Footage of Shoenberger doing ski ballet as well as other forms of skiing.

A0686 Utah: America's Choice

A film promoting Utah as a future host for the Winter Olympic Games.

A0687 Winter Olympics CD-ROMs

Special Collections does not currently have a computer compatable with these CD-ROMs.

A0694 Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee (SLOC)

Extensive collection relating to the preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Mostly promotional materials including television spots, opening and closing ceremonies, news reports etc. All materials may be viewed in Special Collections for research purposes, but republication requires permission from the IOC.

A0698 David and Sara Madsen

One 16mm film of skiing at Alta in 1974.

A0699 Margie of the Wasatch

A 1940s promotional film for the Utah ski industry featuring Alta and the Alta Lodge. Video exerpts are available on our YouTube site.

A0700 Brighton Ski Resort

Footage about the ski area dating from the 1940s to the 1990s.

A0701 Jean Saubert

Footage relating to American skier Jean Saubert, who won 2 medals at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

A0710 Howie Arnsted

Student documentary about the skiing career of Alf Engen.

A0711 Mark Stiegemeier

Film and video of freestyle skiing.

A0730 Michael Joseph Gorrell

Promotional and other CDs relating to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A0735 Olympic Experience

Video clips documenting the experiences of the University of Utah community during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

A0751 Pete Miller

Four ski related videos.

A0752 Lou Lorenz

Video copies of 16mm ski films.

A0758 Alice Telford

8mm films of skiing at Sun Valley, Alta, Snow Basin and other areas.

A0774 Alta Peruvian Lodge

Six films about Utah's ski industry.

A0783 Darrell M. Barnes

8mm film of skiing at Alat and other Utah ski areas circa 1950s-1960s.

A0786 Stephen B. Nebeker

Amateur ski footage of the Joe Quinney family.

A0797 Spy Hop Productions

Spy Hop is a Salt Lake City non-profit production company that teaches and mentors elementary and high school aged filmmakers. The collection features narrative, claymation and documentary films produced by Spy Hop students. "Messages: 2002 Olympic Diary" is a documentary about Salt Lake City's experience hosting the Winter Olympic Games. This collection contains both the completed piece and extensive raw footage including shots of Salt Lake City and vicinity, Olympic facilities, cultural entertainment, interviews with residents and attendees, as well as shots of athletes and competitions.

A0828 Thomas K. Welch

Material dealing with the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee (SLOC) for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

A0847 Scott Daynes

Ski resort footage.

A0851 Jerry and Barbara Simon

Ski film festival films.

A0861 Timp Haven Ski Area

Copies of the KBYU documentary, Before Sundance (1995), about Timp Haven, the ski area Raymond Stewart founded on the site of Sundance in 1944, and the Ray and Ava Stewart Day celebration at Sundance Resort in 1988. The collection also includes various audio and video recordings compiled by Stewart's daughter, Barbara Stewart Anderson, for the book Before Sundance: Ray Stewart and Timp Haven.

A0876 Dallas Wayne Nichol

Ski material on VHS videocassette.

A0880 David W. Eckhoff

Winter Olympics themed material, most notably relating to the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

A0888 2002 Winter Olympics Microcassettes

35 audio recordings dealing with the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A0893 Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame

Awards ceremonies and presentation videos from the annual induction celebrations.

A0895 Robert C. Ecker

Early ski footage including the 1935 Winter Olympic Trials and other footage of skiers and ski jumpers at Ecker Hill and other Utah locations. This collection includes footage of Alf Engen, Johanne Kolstadt, and other notable ski pioneers.

A0896 Ski the Deep Stuff

A0922 Peter Edward Gibbs

Oral history interview with Gibbs about his experiences in outdoor recreation, including skiing.

A0933 Ski and Snowboard Commercial Film

A0935 Joseph S. Peery

Various mid 20th century home movies and vacation films, some of which include skiing. (See our featured video: Alta 1946).

A0936 Alexander "Woody" Anderson

This collection includes a Warren Miller ski film circa 1960s.

A0959 Michael D. "Mickey" Gallivan

Tourism films produced for the Utah Travel Council.

A0973 Robert Patterson

Copies of 8mm films of early snowboarding from the 1960s and 1970s.

A0974 United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA)

Extensive collection of video, including races, training and promotional films, including items representing the United States Ski and Snowboard Teams.

A0976 Carol Linder

Home movies dating as far back as the 1930s. This collection contains footage of skiing and other winter sports activities at Yosemite National Park in California.

A0993 W. Neff Walker

Mid 20th century home movies of various Utah activites including recreational skiing.

A0995 Judith F. Jarrow

Four 16mm ski films.

A1027 Cameron-Carasik

Promotional films for skiing and the Utah ski industry.

A1051 Rossignol Ski Company

Eight films promoting Rossignol ski equipment and featuring notable competative skiers and the United States Ski Team.

A1056 Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Commercial ski films formerly shown to students at the Snowbird Ski School: Skiing Generation (Pepsi/Junior NASTAR promotional film 1972 ) The Longest Winter (Salomon sponsored film about Spanish skier Juan Manuel Fernandez Ochoa racing on the World Cup Circuit 1977) Garmisch "78" (Salomon sponsored film about the World Cup finals in Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1978) Snowbird II (Snowbird promotional film 1978) Wintersong (music video featuring Snowbird produced by Beech Mountain Resort in North Carolina 1980) American Ski Teaching System (Japanese film about the PSIA's teaching techniques featuring Snowbird's Max Lundberg and other PSIA members 1987). This collection also features the album, Spectacular: Yodeling by Arthur Brogli, recorded by the ski area's first tram operator.

A1060 Ski Racing Magazine DVDs

2006-2007 ski racing short films collection released by Ski Racing International and Rival Films.

A1063 National Ski Patrol

Films produced by the National Ski Patrol including Rules of the Slope, Skinny Skiing, In Winter's Domain, Skiers' Choice (produced by Safeco Insurance), Castles in the Snow, and Survival (Madison Films). Several of these films concern ski and winter safety.

A1068 Gary H. Schwartz

Commercial and home movie ski material including the record album Ski Trails (1956), which features ski and winter related songs, prints of Sun Valley Ski Chase (circa 1930s) and Sports Parade: Ski Mania (1932) as well as Schwartz family home movies labeled "Baker Lodge/Snow" (1930).

A1099 Dean Perkins

Ski DVDs.

A1102 Richard Palmer

Surf and snowboard slideshow featuring Dimitrije Milovich and other early snowboard pioneers. Special Collections reading room access only; no outside publication or copies allowed.

Alta 1946

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