W2010: Instructors' Guide: NoodleTools for Instructors

NoodleTools & What It Can Do For You

We all know how unreasonably difficult and time-consuming it is to teach students how to cite their work properly.  We also know that when we teach composition, each student has a myriad of individual needs for instruction, correction, and refinement.  In a few words, you really have to pick your battles on what deserves more attention and there simply isn't enough time for all the work that needs to be done.

We absolutely understand, which is why we have NoodleTools.  It removes most of the effort you would expend while trying to teach citation and correct works cited/references pages.  This resource will make your life infinitely easier.

NoodleTools is a self-guided, combination teaching tool and citation creation wonder machine. It is a research project management system that includes all of the necessary elements to create and deliver a research project:  thesis statement and research question verbalization; outline; bibliography creation; linked notecard creation for the outline and he bibliography; student collaboration (for group projects); and the ability for the instructor to monitor student progress.

If you have not used this resource before, please visit the NoodleTools How-to Guide to familiarize yourself with the resource.  That research guide doesn't include a tutorial on specifically designed tools for the instructor. On this page, there is an additional tutorial that will guide you, as the instructor, on how to create your account and use drop-boxes for your classes so that your students can share their work with you.

Instructor's NoodleTools Tutorial: Account Creation and Drop-boxes

This tutorial will show you how to create your account and create drop boxes for each class and each project.

Student will share their projects with you, but you will have to provide them with the name of the drop box so that the system may populate the boxes you have created for them.

This is a subscription service.  Go to: www.lib.utah.edu

Make sure you authenticate by clicking on the KEY and logging in with your uNID and PW.  Then, go to "Research Databases" --> "N"--> "NoodleTools"

Once you create your account, you can always just go directly to noodletools.com.

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