W2010: Instructors' Guide: Importing into your Canvas course

Importing the library component into your Canvas course

Starting the Fall 2014 semester, the library component of Writing 2010 is available in a Canvas course. You can integrate this content into your own Writing 2010 Canvas course in a couple of ways:

1.   You can link from your Canvas course to the library Canvas course.  

    • This method is a little easier to implement, since you're not actually importing content into your Canvas course.
    • In order to make this work, you'll need to send me your uNID and your students' uNIDs so I can create a section for you within the library Canvas course.  You can email me this info (sarah.lemire@utah.edu).
    • Once you and your students are added to the course, you'll be able to track students' progress and their grades.

2. You can import the library content directly into your Canvas course.

    • This method is a little trickier to implement, since you're actually importing content, but it pulls the entire segment fully inside your course.
    • Canvas provides a handy step-by-step guide to importing content into your course.  You'll need to be enrolled in the library course in order to extract the content - email me your uNID (sarah.lemire@utah.edu) and I'll get you added ASAP.
    • Teaching and Learning Technologies in the Marriott Library's Faculty Center provides Canvas support on a drop-in basis and by appointment.

As always, let me know if you have questions!  

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