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An introductional guide to ArcGIS Online Web Map with skills and tips for creating geospatial projects using the software.

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Creating Map Features & Pop-up Information

Creating features on your map is very simple using ArcGIS Online Web Map.  When you open your map, you will first want to create an editable layer, which will allow you to add points, lines and polygons depicting and representing data you wish to convey.

Begin by going to the add tab and select create editable layer.  If you have data already created using other software, you can select add layer from file.  If you have the URL to data available on the Internet that you would like to use in your project, you can select add layer from web.  Additionally, users in the ESRI community have created many layers of different topics that you can search for and utilize in your project by selecting search for layers.


 After you select create editable layer, you can name the layer you are going to create and select from templates available for use.  For instance, if you were creating a layer representing property boundaries for 1984, you might name the layer 1984 Property Boundaries.  Once you have named your layer, select create and you are ready to start adding points, lines and polygons representing data or information to your map.


 Adding features to your map is very easy.  Begin by selecting the feature you would like to add.  For points, select the point you would like to use and place it in the desired position on the map.  For lines and areas (polygons), select the feature you would like to use and begin drawing it in the desired position on the map followed by double-clicking when you are finished.


After you have placed your feature on the map, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to name the point, add any descriptive information you may have as well as any photographic components you wish to include.  The option of changing the symbol is also available by selecting change symbol where point icons can be altered and line/polygon features can be adjusted for color and transparency.  When you are finished with a particular feature, select close and you are ready to add additional features to your map.  Remember, you can return to make changes to a feature at any time by returning to edit and selecting the feature.


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