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An introductional guide to ArcGIS Online Web Map with skills and tips for creating geospatial projects using the software.

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ArcGIS Online offers a number of basemaps that you can use to compliment your project.  These basemaps include imagery, street maps, topographic maps and hybrid maps.


Analyzing your map is very easy using the supplied measurement tool. With this tool, you are able to measure areas and paths using multiple units of measurement as well as determine locations using latitude and longitude coordinates.


Quickly and easily search for locations on your map.  These searches can range from a broad location to a specific place or street address.

New Map

Easily begin a new mapping project with the click of a button.


With ArcGIS Online, all of your maps and their accompanying features are stored in your online account, allowing your information to be easily shared with others over the Internet.


The print feature creates a printable/embeddable image of your map based on the current screenshot.

Share Your Map

The share feature allows you to control who can view your maps/data. These can either be individuals within a group or the public. In addition, the share feature will assist you in embedding your map with a link, in a web page, on Facebook, Twitter or by creating a web application.

My Content

My content feature takes you to a list of your maps and data saved on your ArcGIS Online account. This is an easy way to save, store and organize your information as well as share your information with others.


Bookmarks are a very useful tool for quickly changing between views on your map. Simply navigate to an extent you would like to save and select add bookmark. Each time this bookmark is selected, the map will automatically navigate to the pre-designated view on your map.

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