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An introductional guide to ArcGIS Online Web Map with skills and tips for creating geospatial projects using the software.

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Web Map Overview


Data Organization of Web Map


Information about your map (left hand display window)

  • Includes information about the author, project, tags, views and other metadata.

Contents of your map

  • All of the data/layers included in your map that can be turned off/on, zoomed, adjust transparency, changing pop-up information, changing symbols as well as moving the layer throughout your project.

Legend of your map

  • Quick reference to the data/layers included in your map.


Search for layers

  • Layers created by ESRI users around the world available for use in your project.

Create edible layer

  • Allows you to create individual features for your project (points, lines and polygons). Each feature can be made interactive by adding information to the pop-up box such as the title, a description of the area or a multimedia feature such as a photograph.

Add layer from file

  • If you have shapefiles created in ArcGIS, KMZ files created in Google Earth, CSV, TXT or GPX files, these can be loaded into your web map and displayed in the same manner as the original program.

Add layer from the web

  • Some companies and organizations offer GIS shapefiles through a server that can be accessed using the web map. A URL to the server where the file is hosted is required to display in ArcGIS Online Web Map.

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