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Persian Courses in the University of Utah آموزش فارسی

Online Learning Farsi آموزش آنلاین فارسی

Dictionaries in Marriott Library

At Marriott library, Farsi-English dictionaries will be found at the north end of Level 2, at PK6379.

Study Aid Books for Farsi کتاب های کمک آموزشی فارسی

Study Aid Books at the Marriott Library

Books on Farsi as a language (philology, grammar, syntax, dictionaries) will be found in Marriott library at the north end of Level 2, between the call numbers PK6201 and PK6399, with most Farsi-English dictionaries at PK6379.

Culture of Farsi speaking areas

The corresponding call numbers for the history and culture of Farsi-speaking areas are found on the east side of Level 2 as follows:

Iran DS251-DS326

Afghanistan DS350-DS375

Pakistan DS376-DS392

Tajikistan DK921-DK929

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