Persian Language

Persian books in the library کتابها و مقالات فارسی

Farsi Litrature in Marriott Library ادبیات فارسی

Farsi literature will be found between the call numbers PK6400 and PK6979.5, as follows:

New Persian PK6400-PK6599

Dari PK6871-PK6879.5

Tajik P6971-PK6979.5

(You can explore this in much greater detail at, starting at page 279.)

Farsi Welknown Works آثار برخی مشاهیر زبان فارسی

Farsi history تاریخ زبان فارسی

Farsi books in Marriott Library کتابها و مقالات فارسی

Marriott Library has over 7000 titles in Farsi on different subject as follows:  

  • plays, essays, poems, short stories, novels
  • literary history, biography and criticism
  • history and culture of the Farsi-speaking world
  • many other subject areas
  • children's books

Books on Farsi as a language (philology, grammar, syntax, dictionaries) will be found at the north end of Level 2, between the call numbers PK6201 and PK6399, with most Farsi-English dictionaries at PK6379.

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