Education, Culture, and Society

The Department of Education, Culture, and Society is committed to the study of social justice in education by addressing questions about class, race, ethnicity, and gender in contemporary educational practice and policy.

Other Guides of Interest

We are constantly developing new LibGuides to assist you with your research. These are the other College of Education library guides 

Strategies for Digging Deeper and Mining Specific Resources

  • Search Databases by Subject (discipline specific topics)
  • Search Databases by Type. This is especially useful if searching for data repositories, databases containing statistical data, or newspapers.
  • You can also search directly in the online journal by issue, volume number, and year by clicking on the Online Journal Link on the Library homepage (put in the name of the journal and then click the name to see all of the issues together. If the journal name does not appear in the list, then we do not have the journal and you can order through interlibrary loan
  • Use Digital Dissertations & Theses Global Click on “P” for Proquest Dissertations to find international masters these and doctoral dissertations and Mine IT! –  a good broad starting point
  • Copy the article titles from GOOD resources you find, paste those titles into Google Scholar and try to find those resources
  • Use the website Connected Papers to find the articles before and after a GOOD resource and see results in a network map
  • Use Open Knowledge Maps to see papers organized by sub-topics and concepts to explore
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