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USPTO Publications and Patent Search Tools

USPTO Publications (available on USPTO web pages)

General Information Concerning Patents (C21.26/2:yr.)

A Guide to Filing a Utility Patent Application (C21.14/2: UT 4)

A Guide to Filing a Design Patent Application (C21.14/2: D 46)

Patent and Trademark Glossary

Patent Attorneys/Agents Search

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) (C21.15:yr.)

Guide for the Preparation of Patent Drawings (C21.14/2:D 79) - Download zip file.

USPTO Patent Search Tools in Order of Use (available on USPTO web pages)

Index to the U.S. Patent Classification (C21.12/2:yr.)

Subject index to the Manual of Classification, below.

Manual of Classification (C21.12:yr.)

Choose 'USPC' (United States Patent Classification) for now.  USPC will be phased out in favor of 'CPC' (Cooperative Patent Classification) to meet international harmonization efforts by 2016.

Classification Definitions (C21.3/2:cls.)

Choose 'USPC' button and use USPC classifications here as well.

U.S. Patents and Published Patent Applications (1790 to date)

Full-text U.S. patents with all drawings and specifications (on the Web, at )

Official Gazette of Patents (C21.5:vol./no.)

Weekly publication with brief bibliographic information, text description, and single drawing of newly-issued patents.


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