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This guide features our Patent and Trademark Resource Center's (PTRC) resources and services.

What is intellectual property or IP?

Intellectual property or IP are property rights for intellectual creations that have been put into a fixed, tangible format.

In the United States, there are four types of IP:

  1. Patents - protects new inventions
  2. Trademarks - anything that identifies the source of a product or service offered in commerce
  3. Copyrights - protect the specific expression of an idea in text, music, choreography, graphic arts
  4. Trade Secrets - any secret formula, process, or business method that offers a commercial advantage to the holder

Books about intellectual property or IP

IP Disclosure

Listed below are links to the U's IP policy and the technology transfer office.

Employees at other companies, organizations, and institutions should check their internal policies regarding IP, especially when it is related to your employment and work. There is likely an internal process for disclosing IP.


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