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What is a Citation and Citation Style?

citation is a way of giving credit to individuals for their creative and intellectual works that you utilized to support your research. It can also be used to locate particular sources and combat plagiarism. Typically, a citation can include the author's name, date, location of the publishing company, journal title, or DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Citations let your professor, or anyone else who reads your work, find the items used in your research.  The key to a successful citation is providing all the information needed for your reader to find the book, article, or other item you are citing.  Citing also builds your credibility and shows that your ideas are shared by other experts in the field.  Lastly, it avoids plagiarism by giving credit to the original author.

What is a Style Guide?

A style guide is a handbook or webpage that describes the rules for citing the resources you used in your academic paper.

This Research Guide will help you find the appropriate style guide to cite your sources when writing an academic paper.  There are hundreds of different styles which format your citations differently.  Use the navigation on the left to find links to each style guide.

Style Guides

Writing Guides

If you are interested in improving your writing, the library has several excellent writing guides. To find writing guides in the catalog, you can either search by title or try some of the following search options:

English Language Grammar: English language -- Grammar -- Problems, exercises, etc

Academic Writing: Academic Writing

Composition and Creative Writing: LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Composition & Creative Writing

Rhetoric: English language--Rhetoric--Handbooks, manuals, etc.or English language--Rhetoric

Style: English language--style

Technical Writing: Technical writing--Handbooks, manuals, etc


Look in PNs, at reserve section, bird by bird, on writing, elements of style, they say i say, on writing well, a rulebook for arguments.  Add these five to writing resources, add photo of them, contact writing 2010 and writing center and ask what books they're using and list them on guide

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