An online reference section for the Marriott Library.

The Marriott Library has a large collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias of all kinds, physical and electronic.  You will find links to some of the electronic resources by clicking on the Research Databases tab on the library's home page, then using the Browse Database by Type drop-down menu to select either Dictionaries or Encyclopedias.  You can also find this type of resource in our catalog by adding the term "dictionaries" or "encyclopedias" to a search for any given subject.  Examples:  french language dictionaries; geology encyclopedias.

Some people will ask why a library needs to have dictionaries or encyclopedias any more, when Wikipedia is available in almost 300 different languages.  Wikipedia's own analysis of the English-language site shows that fewer than 1% of the articles whose quality has been assessed rate Good or better.  This is not to deny that there are well-written scholarly articles in Wikipedia, but the consistent level of quality available in the dictionaries and encyclopedias that libraries continue to provide for their patrons can't yet be found in Wikipedia or other resources freely available online.

Listed below are some of the popular general encyclopedias and dictionaries, followed by a variety of subject-specific encyclopedias.

Dictionaries & General Encyclopedias

Subject-Specific Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias by Subject


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