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Asian American communities and health: Context, research, policy, and action
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor       RA448.5.A83 A855 2009

Bhutanese refugee women's lived reproductive health experience in Salt Lake City, Utah
Honor's thesis by Katie M. Hyde

Cultural, ethnic, and religious: Reference manual for health care providers
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA 418.5 T73 A53
This loose-leaf manual provides 8 to 10 page chapters on variety of groups  by religiousity and ethniciy including The Amish, Latter-Day Saints, Pacific Islanders, Sikhs, Buddhism, Arabs, Haitians, etc. Each chapter provides a background, health beliefs, kinship/social factors, and may have sections dealing with views on children, death, diet, etc.

Health issues in Latino males: A social and structural approach
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA448.5.H57 H393 2010

Health matters : A pocket guide for working with diverse cultures and underserved populations
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor RA418.5.T73 Y44 2005
Groups covered include Bosnian refugees, Arab Muslims, East Asian immigrants, Pacific islanders, and Southeast Asian refugees.

Health of South Asians in the United States : An vidence-based guide for policy and program development
Marriott Library On Order 

Health promotion in multicultural populations : a handbook for practitioners and students
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA427.8 .H432 2015

Health-seeking behaviors in ethnic populations
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor RA448.4 .H426 2007
Includes chapters on various populations including: Mexican Americans, African Americans, Nigerian Americans, Arab Americans, and Native Hawaiians.

The Lhotsampa people of Bhutan: Resilience and survival

Medicine between science and religion: Explorations on Tibetan grounds

Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   GR337 .M44 2011

Mexican Americans and health: Sana! sana
Marriott Library, 1st Floor RA448.5.M4 T67 2015   

Multicultural health 
Lois Ritter
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor      RA418.5.T73 R58 2017
Includes chapters on: Hispanic and Latino American populations, American Indians and Alaska native populations, African Americans populations, Asian American and Pacific Islander populations, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals.

Multicultural medicine and health disparities
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA418.5.T73 M855 2006

The Nation's Health (Eight edition)
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA445. N35 2011
 This 800+ page book is divided into 6 parts covering health outcomes, social, behavioral, and biological determinants of health, health care system including workforce, financing, and technology, care, ways to improve health, and directions for the future.

Pespectives on health equity and social determinants of health 

Praeger handbook of Asian American health:Taking notice and taking action (Two volumes)
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor       RA448.5.A83 P73 2009

Refugee and immigrant health
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA 418.5 T73 K45 2004
Brief 10 page chapters on a variety of populations including: Bosnia, Burma, Egypt, Laos, Mexico, Sudan, and Vietnam. Each chapter provides a brief introduction and  sections on religion, health beliefs and practices, and health problems and screening. May include sections on end of life and pregnancy and childbirth.

Royal semi-authoritarian democracy of Bhutan

Tales of Tibet: Sky burials, prayer wheels, and wind horses

Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  GR337 .T34 2001

Tackling health inequities through public health practice: Theory to action
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor RA418.3.U6 T33 2010

Tibetan medicine in the contemporary world: global politics of medical knowledge and practice
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor R 603. T5 T54 2008

Transcultural nursing: Assessment and intervention
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RT86.54 T 73 2017
Lengthy 20+ page chapters on the following populations including: African-Americans, Mexican Americans, Navajos, American Eskimos, Japanese Americans, Afghans and Afghan Americans, Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Vietnamese Americans, East Indian Hindu Americans, Haitian Americans, Jewish Americans, French Canadians from Quebec, and Puerto Rican Americans.

Unequal opportunity: Health disparities affecting gay and bisexual men in the United States
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA564.9 H65 U94 2008

Vulnerable populations in the United States
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor RA418.5.P6 S54 2005

2010 edition is available online

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