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How to create/edit a LibGuide

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a friendly and effective LibGuide.

How to add a resource to LibGuides?


To add a book, click on Add / Reorder. Then, on dropdown list click on Book from the Catalog and complete the pop up form and save.

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Science, Technology and Innovation in BRICS Countries by Swapan Kumar Patra (Editor); Mammo Muchie (Editor) The term BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is gaining global attention both in scholarly and popular discourse. BRICS countries are crucial in terms of their vast areas, huge population and have massive economic potential. These countries are also categorized as developing countries and are aspiring to be considered as developed countries. There is commonality among these countries in that they have similar issues and problems, which may require common solutions.


To embed a Youtube video in your libguide,

1. Under your desired Youtube video, click on Share button and then copy the link.

2. Open and paste the video URL there in the box under YouTube Page URL.

3. Then, click on Embed button on the right side of the box. 

4. Copy the code from the box under the Embed code.

5. Go to your guide and on Add / Reorder dropdown menu, click on Media / Widget and paste the code in Embed Code there.

6. Then, save the the changes.


To add a database to your LibGuide:

Click Add/ Reorder. From drop down list select the Database. In the popped up page, start typing the Database name to search the Assets repository. If the desired database doesn't exist, an Admin level user can add it in the Content > A-Z Database List area.


To add a website link to your libguide, click on Add/Reorder. In pop up list, click on Link and then add the information about the desired website.


To add your profile box, while you are in your editing mode:

1. Click on the Add Box. 

2. On the pop up page, you probably want to add a name in the Box name. 

3. In the Type box click on the drop down list to select Profile.

4. Then, save it.

5. Click Refresh sign any time you don't see the change. 


To add a thumbnail image of a book cover in the introducing a book:

Take a picture of a book cover, save it in desktop. Open a libguide, click on Image Manager under the Content tab. Click on "Upload a New Image" button which is a green button. Bring the image from desktop or other place you saved the image. Find it from among bellow copied images and click on the link sign and copy the link and paste it in the proper field in the Add/Edit Content where you want to add the cover image.

How to add a new user account?

To add an account if you are admin user, 

1. While you are logged in LibGuide, click on Admin drop down list and, then, click on Account.


2. In the new page search box  type the desired email. It will bring up the email for existing LibGuide account. Then, go ahead and add the first and last name as asked and then . 


Note: When you created the account, you can't edit these fields within LibGuides. Go to the LibApps and click on My Profile to edit them. The LibGuide user can edit them as well as a LibApps admin. 

Add editor to your guide

If you want to add an editor to your guide, 

1. While you are in editing mode, click on gear button on the top right. On the dropdown list click on Guide Editors. 

2. On the new page, click inside the box, select the user you want from among the list. This way you can add more editors to your guides.

3. Click on Save button. 

If the name of user you want is not in the list, you can add one by clicking on "Create a new editor-level account" shown in blue color.  

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