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How to create/edit a LibGuide

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a friendly and effective LibGuide.

How to add or change a profile?

To add your profile box, while you are in your editing mode:

1. Click on the Add Box. 

2. On the pop up page, add a name in the Box name. 

3. In the Type box click on the drop down list to select Profile.

4. Then, save it.

5. Click Refresh sign any time you don't see the change. 

Have your links automatically go to a new tab or website

If you want to have your link goes automatically to a new page or website,

1. While you are in edit mode in your LibGuide, click on edit button. 

2. In pop up page, select the word or words for link and click on the link mark on the top of the page. 

3. In the Link page, select Target tab and select the New Widow (_blank) from the drop-down list. Click Ok to save it. 

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