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How to create/edit a LibGuide

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a friendly and effective LibGuide.

How to edit your guide?


How to edit the text inside a box?

To edit a text inside a box, click on square with a pencil button. It will allow you bring any changes you want in the text inside that box.

Note: Click Refresh sign any time you don't see the change. 


How to fix a broken link?

While logged in, follow bellow steps to fix a broken link in your LibGuide:

  1. From the command bar of your LibGuide, select Tools and then Link Checker.
  2. Under the Owner column in the datatable on the Report tab, type your name to bring up all of your guides with broken links.
  3. Click on the link under URL column. If it works, simply dismiss it by clicking on the trash icon under the Action.
  4. If the link does not work, click on the edit sign under the Asset column and edit it. If it's mapped from other guide, click on the relevant number under the Mapping Count. Then, click on the original guide, which has a star, and fix the link there. All of the mapping guides' links will be corrected once the link in the original guide is restored.


How to reorder a page or a box?

  • To change the order of pages, click on dropdown PAGE on the top of the page and move a page to reorder.
  • To change the order of boxes, click on dropdown PAGE on the top of the page and select the Box and move it to reorder the boxes.

The other things you can do in this PAGE dropdown list:

  1. You can click on Page Properties to change the title of the page.
  2. You can show the page on the public guide or hide it.
  3. You can click on "Content Items" to reorder the content of the a page. 
  4. You can delete the page for ever. Note that if you delete it you will miss it permanently! 


How to edit title of a page or a box?

  • To change the title of a page, click on PAGE on the top of the page. On top of the dropdown menu, click on Page Properties. On pop up page, you can change the tile on Page Name.
  • To edit the title of a box, click on the pencil icon on the right corner of each box.


How to change or add an owner to a guide?

While logged in, follow these steps to add or change the owner in a LibGuide:

1. From the LibGuide command bar, select the Content and click on Guides.


2. On the new page, type the name of the desired Libguide in the Name box or enter the name of the owner in the Owner box on the top of the table to bring your guide. The desired LibGuide will appear on that table.


3. Under Actions column, click on the human icon between X and edit icons. 


4. In the popped up page, click on the box and from the drop down list, find the person whom you want to add as owner.

5. Click on Save to exit.  


How to login in your LibGuide?

On the library's homepage, click the Research Guides link beneath the search box. Scroll down to the bottom of the new page and click "Log in to LibApps." Use your username and password to login. 


How can you get access to your guide when you forget your password?

On the library's homepage, click the Research Guides link beneath the search box. Scroll down to the bottom of the new page and click "Log in to LibApps." There is a link to assist you change your password if you forgot it. Your email address is your username. When you logged in, change your password.

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How to reuse a box from an existing LibGuide?

You don't need to make everything from the scratch. You can reuse a box from another LibGuide. For example, you can make a link to the Master Guide to add a box like Welcome to the Marriott Library! 

How to map a box: First, while you are in editing mode of your guide, click on Add Box and in the popped up page click on Reuse Existing Box tab on the top. Then, type Master Guide in the Guide box and choose the intended box of the guide from the next box, and select the position. At the end, click Save. 

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