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LEAP 1100 Fall 2021 - Professor Borup

General Information

From the syllabus:

"This course is the [first] semester of the year-long academic learning community called Health Professions LEAP.  Fall semester, we examine how cultural, racial, and gender differences in our society contribute to health disparities for certain communities including refugees, people of color, women, and sexual and gender minorities.  As a discussion-based humanities seminar, this class requires students to apply critical thinking and reflection to the readings and films and engage in teamwork in discussing and analyzing the human values at stake.  Every student’s active participation is essential.  We engage with challenging problems that don’t have easy answers.  Students will gain skills in independent research, information literacy, collaboration, oral and written communication, critical thinking, and cultural competence."

Your library sessions will be a series of five short lessons, supplemented by the information, resources, and links on this Course Guide. Shane will frequently be present in your online Zoom sessions, and will be hosting open Zoom Office Hours every week:

Mondays from 2-3 Mountain time
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Fall password: marriott


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