Utah Asia Campus (UAC) Library Support

A list of frequently-asked-questions and -answers regarding access to library resources and assistance for faculty and students of the University of Utah Asia Campus

Who are the UAC Support Team?

   Dorothy Terry:

   Dorothy is a new Liaison Librarian in the Faculty Services department. She spent three and a half years living and working in Korea as a Native English teacher so she brings a unique perspective to this position. She spends most of her days in the classroom teaching students about information literacy and how to get the best use from their library and librarians. If she's not in the classroom, you can find her working on research about the teaching she does or other topics of interest to her. She is excited to be on this team and can't wait to work more closely together.


Shane Wallace:

Shane is an Associate Librarian with Graduate & Undergraduate Services. Among other duties, Shane is the liaison to Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and the Honors College. Shane is also a teaching librarian, who works with undergraduate students in a wide variety of programs both on the Utah campus and beyond. He can help you develop and focus your research, as well as connect you to library resources to complete your assignments.

Allie McCormack:

Allie is the Original Cataloger for Special Collections. For her work, she researches all of the new purchases for the collection and uses what she learns to write the records in the library's online catalog. She also is the subject liaison for ancient, medieval, and early modern European history. Allie can help you identify Special Collections materials to use in research and class projects, find digitized materials you can view online, and otherwise access rare items.

Where else can I get help?

There are many subject specialists at the library who can help you with questions in specific disciplines and course content areas. If you've previously gotten help from someone outside of the UAC Support Team, please feel free to continue contacting them! If you're not sure where to start. the UAC Support Team can connect you with other subject specialists depending on your question or problem.

Email is often the best way to contact a librarian. The library's live chat is another way to get information. Due to the time difference between the UAC campus and the Salt Lake City campus, you may not be able to connect with a library staff member instantly.

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