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This guide features our Patent and Trademark Resource Center's (PTRC) resources and services.

USPTO Publications and Patent Search Tools

USPTO Publications (available on USPTO web pages)

General Information Concerning Patents (C21.26/2:yr.)

A Guide to Filing a Utility Patent Application (C21.14/2: UT 4)

A Guide to Filing a Design Patent Application (C21.14/2: D 46)

Patent and Trademark Glossary

Patent Attorneys/Agents Search

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) (C21.15:yr.)

Guide for the Preparation of Patent Drawings (C21.14/2:D 79) - Download zip file.

USPTO Patent Search Tools in Order of Use (available on USPTO web pages)

Index to the U.S. Patent Classification (C21.12/2:yr.)

Subject index to the Manual of Classification, below.

Manual of Classification (C21.12:yr.)

 USPC will be phased out in favor of 'CPC' (Cooperative Patent Classification) to meet international harmonization efforts by 2016.

Classification Resources 

Classification (C21.3/2:cls.)

U.S. Patents and Published Patent Applications (1790 to date)

Full-text U.S. patents with all drawings and specifications (on the Web, at )

Official Gazette of Patents (C21.5:vol./no.)

Weekly publication with brief bibliographic information, text description, and single drawing of newly-issued patents.


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