Urban Institute for Teacher Education: Graduate Reading Room & Other Spaces

Group Study

Group study rooms (A-M, P-S, U) are available on level 2. Theses study rooms are on a "first come, first serve." If you need a study room for your group but a room has only one person using it, you may ask the person leave so that your group can work together. Check the Marriott Library maps to identify where these rooms are.

Rooms 2101, 2103, and 2105 are available for scheduling in advance. 


Student Presentation Rooms

Need to practice a presentation? There are Student Presentation Rooms on level 2: 2130S, 2130U and 2103. To reserve one of these rooms, go to the Schedule a Room link. Log into the system by using your UNID and password. And to identify the location of each room, use the library maps

Marriott Library's Graduate Student Reading Room

The Marriott Library has opened the Graduate Student Reading Room (GSRR)! Here is some information about using the room:

NEW: You may rent a locker for an entire semester for $20!

    • We welcome you to use the GSRR all hours the library is open. Library hours are posted on the Marriott Library home page
    • Library Security will conduct periodic walk throughs for your safety.
    • The room has a maximun occupancy of 45.
    • Coin operated lockers are provided for your convenience; the library is not responsible for loss of personal items.
    • The GSRR is for quiet study only.
    • Graduate students may not let other library patrons into the room; unwillingness to comply may result in access privileges being revoked.
    • Food and drinks are allowed in the room; please dispose of all food debris appropriately and report any spills to Library Security.
    • Access to the GSRR will be for the academic school year or remainder of the year following application.
    • If your card is lost, stolen, or replaced, please notify Library Security at 801-587-9758.

To apply for access to the Graduate Reading Room, go to the level 1 service desk to obtain, fill out, and submit the application. It may take up to 48 hours to process access to the Graduate Reading Room.


Renting a Locker

 Lockers in the Library are $25 per semester

  • Lockers are not coin operated, they are rented though Security at the level 1 Information & Security desk

Quiet Study Area

In addition to the Graduate Student Reading Room, the designated quiet study area is level 2 outside the Knowledge Commons area. Signs are posted. If there are noisy patrons, you may contact Library Security who will talk to the patron(s).

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