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Technical reports are reports from academic departments, government agencies and corporations that describe projects, research and activities of the organization.

Digital Collections

List of Old Paper Technical Report Indexes

The following is a list of paper tech report indexes we used to use back before there were tech report servers on the Web. These may be useful for historical research or finding old reports.

Technical Reports at the Marriott Library

Ask a librarian to help you find technical reports in the library (it's really complicated).

If you are a librarian, here's what you need to know:

At the Marriott Library technical reports are filed several different ways.

  • Treated like books so you can look them up in the library catalog by report author / title.
  • Treated like serials so you can look up the report series title in the library catalog.
  • On microfiche and not catalogued at all, but listed in the old paper indexes (usually people who want older reports found a citation in the reference list of another paper, but sometimes they want to look thorouh the indexes to find old reports).

The following kinds of numbers are often helpful to locate a copy of the report you want.

Report number

  • EPRI-NP-2384 is a report number for an EPRI Nuclear Power report.
  • DOE/ER 13620-1 is a Department of Energy, Office of Energy Research report.
  • SERI/TR-252-1310 is a Technical report from the Solar Energy Research Institute.

Accession number

  • ED123 456 is an accession number for an ERIC document.
  • N93-30036 is an accession number for a NASA report.

NRC Docket number

  • Docket 7200022 is the docket number for Private Fuel Storage, LLC

SuDoc number

  • E 1.28:SERI/SP-722-342 is a Sudoc Number for a report from the Solar Energy Research Institute.

Sources to find report numbers and SuDoc numbers:

Government Technical Reports in the Library

The Marriott Library has extensive collections of U.S. Government technical reports in paper and microfiche. Almost none of our technical reports are listed individually in the catalog.

  • hardcopy reports are generally listed in the catalog by the series title.
  • microfiche reports are not listed in the catalog at all. These are listed in paper indexes.
  • To find older reports, you may need to use paper indexes listed in the left hand column

Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Tech Reports

The Atomic Energy Commission existed from 1946-1974. Tech reports are in ARC storage. Find them in the Marriott Library Catalog by report series title.

  • Search for Author: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

U.S. Bureau of Mines Tech Reports

The Bureau of Mines existed from 1910-1995.


  • Report of Investigations (I28.23) is cataloged by series title, often "bound with" other volumes.
  • Bulletin (I28.3) is cataloged as "Bulletin / Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines"

Department of Energy (DOE) Tech Reports

ONLINE: DOE Information Bridge  (   )  1991 -

OLDER MATERIALS:  Energy Citations Database (  )  1943 -

"Free access to over 2,466,000 science research citations with continued growth through regular updates. There are over 300,000 electronic documents, primarily from 1943 forward."

MICROFICHE: by report number.

About DOE Report Numbers: Some report numbers have the prefix "DOE" and some don't. If you are looking for report number PNL-SA-11306 try BOTH that AND DOE/PNL-SA-11306. Likewise, if the report number starts with "DOE" try looking up the report number wtihout the "DOE prefix.

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Tech Reports

ONLINE: EPRI reports are on organization Website or Energy Central

MICROFICHE: by EPRI report number (Example EPRI EL-3160). Check both EPRI and DOE microfiche.

PAPER: Search for Title "EPRI" to see technical report series

NASA/NACA Tech Reports

The National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) existed from 1915-1958. After that it was changed to NASA.

ONLINE: NASA Technical Report Server

MICROFICHE: by NASA accession number (example: N93-30036). Also try DOE microfiche.

PAPER: by series title, search NASA

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NuReg) Tech Reports

ONLINE: NRC Agencywide Documents & Management System (ADAMS)

MICROFICHE: by Docket Number. Here is a List of NRC Licenses and Docket Numbers Check DoE microfiche.

US Geological Survey

ONLINE: USGS Maps, Imagery and Publications

MICROFICHE: by SuDoc Number

PAPER: by series title. Some are catalogued by report title. Many are "bound with" other volumes.

About Bulletins:

  • Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey (116-199)
  • Bulletin / Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey (200-960)
  • Geological Survey Bulletin (961-1599)
  • U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin (1600-)

Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI)

SERI existed from 1977-1991 when it was re-named "National Renewable Energy Laboratory"

MICROFICHE by SuDoc Number 1.28; or in the DoE collection by report number

PAPER: by SuDoc number 1.28; or LC call numbers.

Office of Technology Assessment (OTA)

The Office of Tchnology Assessment existed from 1972-1995.

ONLINE: OTA reports are at The OTA Legacy from Princeton University.

MICROFICHE: by SuDoc number Y3.T22/2:

PAPER: by SuDoc number

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