Technical Reports: Technology & Governement Policy

Technical reports are reports from academic departments, government agencies and corporations that describe projects, research and activities of the organization.

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Research Strategy

Government policy can influence technological development by:

  • Promoting certain industries or development strategies
  • Providing public money or grants for technological development
  • Offering tax incentives for technological development.

A good research strategy for government information is:

  • Find background information using the "CQ Researcher" database
  • Legislative Branch: Congressional hearings are an especially good source to  learn aboutpolicy debates
  • Executive Branch: Identify which specific government agencies care about  technology development and explore the websites of those agen
  • Use the search engine and other technical report servers to locate government funded scientific research reports

Government Sponsored Research

Federal Government grants and funding support a huge body of scientific research.

Public comment

Lobbyists, advocacy groups, think tanks and members of teh public offer inbupt into policy making.  a good staategy is to find information from stakeholders who advocate different positions on an issue.  Some good stategies to find commentary are:

  • Congresional Hearings
  • Public comments in Environmental Impact statemnets
  • Publications from think tanks and advocacy groups.


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