Demographic Statistics from the U.S. Census and other sources: Salt Lake City and neighborhood statistics

A beginners guide to finding statistics about the U.S., Utah and the U.

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Research Strategy

Here is the outline of a research strategy to find information about a city, town or neighborhood.

  1. Find statistics on government Websites
  2. Use Marriott Library article databases to find news reports that interpret the statistics
  3. Look on the Web for reports from public policy research institutes or government agencies
  4. Ask the Subject Specialist Librarian for help if you aren't finding what you need.

Find statistics on Government Websites

Government sources are often the best place to get statistical information because government has the authority to collect data.  Salt Lake City neighborhoods have 5 levels of government:

  1. United States (federal)
  2. State of Utah
  3. Salt Lake County
  4. Salt Lake City
  5. Community Councils

Start your research by finding background information about the neighborhood

Now that you have defined the neighborhood, you can use American Factfinder and other U.S. Census research strategies to find out more about the people who live in the neighborhood:

Use Marriott Library Article Databases to find news reports

You many want to follow up by looking for articles in the local news media.  Statewide newspapers like the Deseret News or Salt Lake Tribune are likely to print a stories  about  different  population groups and demographic trends in Salt Lake City.

Find public policy research reports about Utah

One other especially useful source of local demographic informaiton is public policy reports from government agencies and public policy research institutes. 

A good strategy to find government reports is to figure out which govenment agencies deal with the issues that interest you. 

 Public policy research institutes may be extremely partisan pushing a particular political agenda or deliberately non-partisan.  Often (though not always) the non-partisan institutes are located at universities, and universities in Utah are most likely to focus on Utah issues.   Here are a few to try:

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