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Online Maps

Numerous map resources are now available online.  These include:

USGS topographic maps

The U.S. Geological Survey, the nation's preeminent mapping agency, is in the process of updating its topographic mapping of the entire country. The new editions of the highly-used large-scale (1:24,000-scale or "7.5-minute") topos will not be printed and distributed to libraries as past printings have been. Instead, they will be accessible online at the US Topo site:  or


Utah Topographic Maps were updated in 2011 and 2014, and are primarily "photomaps." Earlier editions can be seen as well via the Utah Geological Survey's website at  (Use the "Map Locator & Downloader" and zoom in to the area of interest to find quadrangles to download.)

The latest edition for those topographic sheets that include U.S. Forest Service lands can be found at the Forest Service website:

Click on the image of a US map on the right, then on the next page click "topographic maps." An interactive map will appear, and you can zoom into the area of interest and select a map sheet to download the most recent version of the topo map.

 USGS also has a site dedicated to geologic mapping at:


Also from USGS:  find and purchase or download satellite imagery and aerial photography at:

And, just announced on May 1, 2013: 

 USGS Topo Data on the Go:

Android and iPhone users can now use their mobile devices as digital topo maps, leveraging USGS maps together with the power of GPS to zoom in on their precise location while hiking, biking, running, or any other activity that benefits from precision navigation.  

Utah General Highway Maps,T:,344

County and Urban area map from the Utah Dept. of Transportation

 ... and other Utah map and GIS resources from the Utah GIS Portal at the AGRC:


The Salt Lake City 2010 atlas

Prepared by Salt Lake City Corporation, this volume presents and analyzes results from the 2010 Census of Population and Housing, with thematic maps and tables on various topics: age structure, race and ethnic composition, household types, group quarters populations, and housing unit tenure.


The National Atlas of the United States Historical Maps:


The National Geologic Map Database, a portal to geologic mapping by federal, state, and university agencies:


The Nautical Charts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:


Weather Alert! See current maps from the National Weather Service:


Sanborn Maps, scanned at the Marriott Library

(Pathway to this page: From the main search box on the Library's home page, click the "Digital Collections" tab; then click "Browse by Collection," and when a display of alphabetical links appears, select "S" to find the Sanborn Map Collections entry.)

More portals to online maps:

The ALA Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT) has a Registry of map scanning projects at various libraries throughout the country, including where to find Sanborn maps from other states: 


The Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas at Austin includes more than 250,000 maps from around the world, digitized and available to be downloaded: 


Columbia University’s library of online maps of South Asia and beyond:


The Gulf/2000 project: Maps of the Persian Gulf region


The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection


Wikimedia Commons, Religion maps of the world


TeachSpatial, from The Center for Spatial Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (A web portal providing access to:

* Digital resources for teaching spatial concepts and principles, especially at the undergraduate level


* Tools to help educators and researchers explore spatial perspectives within disciplines, as well as facilitate the development of cross-disciplinary spatial learning objectives)



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