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Maps of current interest

Bears Ears National Monument: the proclamation of December 2016 resulted in the following map produced by the U.S. BLM in 2017:

... and the diminished version pushed out by the Trump administration, December 2017:


... and the shrinking Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument:


The current fire season in Utah


Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), an online map from EarthJustice:


Sea-level Rise due to Global Warming, as calculated by NOAA:;4950000.000000&level=1&basemap=null&CurTab=0&CurSLR=0# 


...and another version from 

The Drought of 2012

From the National Integrated Drought Information System, details on drought conditions in Utah and surrounding states.
And here's a drought monitor for the current situation:

 And the outlook in the winter of 2018:


Global Security’s Afghanistan Maps

GlobalSecurity is an organization that provides country-specific data for political/ military regions of the world. This page is devoted to Afghanistan with maps of all types.

The Gulf/2000 project: Maps of the Persian Gulf region

 Princeton University’s Mapping Globalization Project

Google map of the Syrian uprising (August 2011)

...and an update from January 2014: 

 ...and as of November 2017, after the ouster of ISIS:

Maps covering United States elections:




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