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Do you hear about a place in the news and wonder just where it is?  Or do you want to identify what sheet in a set of topographic maps contains a given geographic feature?  You need a GAZETTEER--an index of place names.  Atlases often contain gazetteers so that you can turn to the right page.  There are very comprehensive gazetteers available for free on the Web.

For any geographic feature--city or town, mountain, lake, river, etc.--in the United States, search the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)  

The query results will include the geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) and links to displaying a map of the place through various online mapping sites: MapQuest, Google Maps, USGS National Map, etc.

The USGS GNIS gazetteer also includes geographic features in Antarctica.  For any other country outside of the U.S., use the GeoNet names server from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency: 

Besides these U.S. government sites, there are others online, including the following free site:

Not only a gazetteer, it provides satellite imagery of the location of interest.

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