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Copying maps

Suppose you want to make a copy of a map.  There are various ways to go about this:


If the area of interest is small enough, and all you need is a paper copy, our photocopying machines can make copies on sheets of three different sizes:  8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, and 11 x 17 inches. 

Some maps exist in electronic format, such as on CD-ROMs or on the Web. You can manipulate them with a computer and save their files onto a memory stick/thumb drive or e-mail them to yourself. If you only need to copy an area that will fit on a sheet 11 x 17 or smaller, you can make a file on the memory stick and take it to the Marriott Library’s Computing & Media Services (CMS) desk on Level 2 , and they can print it on their color printer.

But if you are interested in getting a copy of a larger area, such as the full map, you can either check the map out (if it circulates and you have borrowing privileges) and take it to a commercial outlet such as the FedEx shop on University Street, or you can have the  CMS desk on Level 2 print it on its new HP-2300 large format printer/scanner/copier.  There is a web page that lists the costs and describes the service:

The basics are as follows:

·         $5.00 per scan of a document up to 36 inches wide (which can be saved to a flash drive as a TIFF, JPEG, or PDF file); or

·         $6.00 per square foot, plus the $5.00 scanning fee, for a paper printout of a map; or

·          $6.00 per square foot (no scanning fee) to print from a preexisting source file.

·         30% discount for University students, faculty and staff.

An example of how this service may be used is to print out whole USGS topographic maps from the USGS website ( ).  If you need help finding and extracting the right map for your purposes, please contact me at my office near the map collection (Room 1738-D) or by phone (801-581-8324) or e-mail (, and I can get the digital file ready for copying. 


For maps that have been digitized and are part of a digital collection, such as the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, you can download the JPEG from the public display for an individual scan. If you need the high-resolution original file, we will need to have the Digital Operations department retrieve the file. They can put it on a CD-ROM, which you can take and manipulate or bring to the CMS window to print out on the large-format printer.  The cost is $10.00 per scan, plus $2 for the CD. The 30% discount for University students, faculty and staff applies, and payment can be made electronically. Contact me and I can make arrangements.


For maps in Special Collections, speak with the desk attendant to see if the map can be copied. (Manuscripts and Rare maps may be fragile or have restrictions placed on them by a donor.)  If no problems, the desk attendant will contact Computing and Media Services about making the scan.


There are also some maps that are on microfilm, including the Sanborn maps from Utah and surrounding states.  A microfilm reader in Special Collections is available that can make copies.


Remember, whenever making copies, to keep copyright law in mind.  Maps falling under copyright (which includes any commercially-produced map more recent than 1923) should only be copied for academic use, and full acknowledgement of the source should be given in any resulting publication.  Maps produced by the federal government, such as USGS topographic and geologic maps, are clear of copyright restrictions and may be copied and used without restriction.  Further details on copyright law may be found on the Marriott's Copyright Overview page:

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