Finance 3040, 3050 and 4050.: Stocks & Commodities Websites

This subject course guide will help students understand, financial markets, as well as financial instruments.

Stocks & Commodities Online Resources

  • BigCharts
  • Stock and industry performance information, including historical data.
  • Stock and Commodity Exchanges from Rutgers University
  • This handy guide lists links to exchanges around the world.
  • Yahoo Finance
  • A quick and easy place to get stock information
  • Some free research reports are available on this subscription site.
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Web site for the independent agency that regulates the commodity futures and options markets. Includes market reports and economic analysis.
  • TFC Commodity Charts
    Learn about commodity futures trading. Access futures and commodity prices and charts.
  • WSJ Market Data Center
    Commodities and futures overview and data from the Wall Street Journal.
  • IMF Primary Commodity Prices
    Primary commodity price tables from the International Monetary Fund.
  • CME Group
    One of the world's largest commodities and futures exchanges, CME Group was formed by the merger of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and The Chicago Board of Trade, and the acquisition of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Subject Guide

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